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Breakfast on Boat Boats

Breakfast on the Boat

Onboard breakfast organizations are one of the most popular elite events lately. Breakfast in the Bosphorus, which is especially preferred by couples, has recently started to become popular among young people. Before you decide to have breakfast on the boat, it will be beneficial for you to decide whether you want to celebrate your breakfast organization with your spouse, lover or a friend alone or as a group.

Why Breakfast on the Boat

We mentioned that having breakfast on the boat has become popular lately. Especially without straining your budget, this quality event will be good for both your pocket and your relationship. ‘Why should we have breakfast on the boat?‘ if you say;

  • Regardless of other people, you can have a pleasant breakfast with your loved one or close friends in the fresh air, in the most beautiful landscapes of the world, rather than in crowded, unaesthetic and muffled environments.
  • Breakfast on the boat is exactly the service you are looking for in order to determine the organization of breakfast on the boat in the way you choose.
  • When you decide to have breakfast on the boat, you can adjust the time, boarding/disembarkation point and the content of your entire organization according to you.
  • If you think that you are getting bored of breakfast at home or in restaurants, breakfast on the Bosphorus is just for you.
  • Various venues or restaurants may have different views or environments. However, you are exactly in the middle of the view when you organize breakfast on the boat. Especially from the sea in the Bosphorus, the beauty of Istanbul is wonderful both at night and during the day. Of course, this will make the environment impressive in your breakfast organization and will add a different atmosphere to you and your guests. If you are tired of hastily attached decor pieces and artless popular culture paintings, the Bosphorus offers you the opportunity to be the view itself.

How Much Are the Prices of Breakfast on the Bosphorus on the Bosphorus?

What is the price of breakfast on the boat on the Bosphorus? This question is one of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to plan breakfast on the boat. Although the organization of breakfast on the boat varies from company to company, it is around 2000 TL on average. But don’t worry, there are options for every budget in terms of boat rental prices for breakfast on the Bosphorus. When we examine the factors affecting the prices of breakfast on the boat, the following are briefly the following;

  • Your arrival/departure location
  • Extra services you want in your organization
  • Service and equipment level of your preferred boat or yacht
  • Number of people who will have your breakfast
  • How many hours do you want to organize a breakfast?

Breakfast on the Yacht

By arranging breakfast on the yacht, you can enjoy breakfast against the enchanting view of the Bosphorus, and enjoy the Bosphorus with the comfort of a private boat. You can also experience the aesthetic pleasure at its peak by having breakfast accompanied by a Bosphorus tour.

How Much Are the Prices of Breakfast on the Yacht?

What is the price of breakfast on board? Enjoy the Bosphorus view to the peaks on luxury yachts where you can host your more comfortable and more special guests than the boat. For our customers who want a private space as well as comfort, breakfast on the yacht will be a much more suitable option.

Yacht charter prices for breakfast;

  • According to the duration of your breakfast,
  • According to arrival and departure locations,
  • According to the food you want for breakfast,
  • According to the services you want to add extra1200-2000 TRYvaries between

Extra Services in the Organization of Breakfast on the Boat

Bouquet Arrangement

With the bouquet arrangement, you can make a small gesture both to your breakfast and to your partner by creating an aesthetic pleasure environment on the boat, as well as the Bosphorus, which is a landscape in itself.


We have two different service titles: table decoration and boat decoration. With the boat decoration, you can make your environment much more beautiful, and with the table decoration, so to speak, you can make the final touch and raise the bar of beauty to the mountain of Kaf.

HD Drone and Clip

With HD drone and clip service with our expert teams, you can immortalize this unique breakfast event and create an album full of good memories when you look back in the future.

Live Music and Violin

Are you planning to have breakfast on the Bosphorus, but you are not satisfied with the very quiet environment? then our violin and guitar service is for you. Your pleasant journey will be even more joyful with exquisite pieces. You will not be able to reach the heights of romance when necessary.

Other Food and Beverage Options

If you want your breakfast organization on the boat not to be without drinks, you can also plan your organization in the form of cocktails. In the cocktail option, you can choose alcoholic beverages, bring your own or choose only non-alcoholic beverages. When you choose alcohol, you can include many local and foreign drinks in your reservation. If you want to bring your own alcohol, don’t forget to tick I want to bring alcohol from outside. In your cocktail breakfast organization, it will be beneficial to make a reservation for at least 2 hours. Otherwise, you may not have time to enjoy breakfast by hurrying.

Why should you organize your breakfast on the boat through Teknevia?

When you create a request for your breakfast on board organization via Teknevia, you can get a free price quote from dozens of boat owners by specifying the entire content of your organization, unlike any other site. All companies Teknevia works with are insured and have official documents. In addition, you can get free event consultancy from our event consultants before the event. You can compare price offers by examining both the visuals, possibilities and safety equipment of the boats, read previous customer reviews and reserve the boat you want by making a prepayment 24/7 online. Since Teknevia works by tender, you can organize your breakfast on board with Teknevia at the most affordable price.