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Iftar on the boat

In the month of Ramadan, which coincides with the hot summer months, of course, fasting has started to force us a little more. While waiting to open your fasts; In the middle of a deep blue sea, with a cool breeze, while you are on a Bosphorus tour with your loved ones, you will crown your iftar with a perfect Bosphorus together with our expert and competent waiters. Besides the spiritual pleasure of breaking the fast, one of the most beautiful aspects is being with your family, friends and loved ones. Having iftar with your loved ones, accompanied by the uniquely beautiful Bosphorus view; Iftar on a yacht is at the forefront of the services that have been held for a long time without departing from our traditions and culture, but have been forgotten over time, gaining momentum again today.

SWhy Iftar On The Boat?

Of course, iftar on the boat has great differences from normal iftar. You will crown your fast in a delightful way, while the history of the Bosphorus gently caresses your face, in the cool waters that will refresh you especially after fasting in hot months. Unlike iftars held in any place, the boat will heal your wounds, which will add peace to your iftar worship. Let’s examine why we should have iftar on the boat with a few items;

  • You can spend time with your loved ones without having to share a common space with other people. Iftar on the boat is an indispensable opportunity, especially to have iftar with your family. This reason is very important for those who do not want to be disturbed by others in any place outside, and for those who say that it should be just us.
  • In order to determine the content of your iftar organization on the boat exactly as you want, iftar organizations on the boat are exactly the service you are looking for. When you decide to organize an iftar on the boat, you can set the embarkation/disembarkation point, time and the content of your entire organization according to you. You don’t have to worry about whether I can catch the tarawih prayer or if the evening prayer will be delayed, because upon request, our boaters will take you to the mosque closest to the shore.
  • Iftar organization on the boat is generally more convenient and more optimized in terms of price and performance compared to a special reservation you will make at any luxury restaurant or venue. In this way, you will get the real value of the price you paid, and you will feel more special. because rents and other fixed expenses are high in luxury restaurants and luxury venues, so this is reflected in the price you pay in every venue. But this is not the case with yachts and you really get service in the amount You Pay index.
  • Don’t you think that iftars held at the venue or at home have become commonplace? In order not to be ordinary, iftar on the boat is really a special type of event. Even if it is once in your life, live this experience and realize it. In the future, present Ramadan to your children, where are those old Ramadans.
  • Various venues or restaurants may have different views or environments. However, you are exactly in the middle of the scenery in your iftar organization on the boat. Especially the beauty of Istanbul, day and night, makes it even more attractive to have iftar on the boat in the Bosphorus. This, of course, will allow you to go out of ordinary activities and have an unforgettable iftar, and will make your fasting, which you hold with a lot of effort during the day, even more meaningful.

Iftar on the yacht

Orucunuzu boğazın tarih dokusunun manevi havasına karıştığı sularda şahsınıza Özel ayırtılmış Özel masalarda açabileceğiniz gibi ailenizle veya şirket çalışanlarınızla birlikte zengin ve bir o kadar lezzetli iftar menümüzle yahut kendi belirlediğiniz özel iftar menüleriyle açabilirsiniz. Ayrıca sevdiklerinizle baş başa olabileceğiniz 2 kişilik özel bir yatta iftarınızı Teknevia aracılığıyla açabilirsiniz

How Much Are Iftar Prices On The Boat?

How much is the iftar price on the boat? This question is one of the most curious issues by those who want to have iftar on the boat. Although there are individual and tour iftar programs, iftar programs vary according to your demands in iftar. Although individual iftar meals vary between 50-250 TL, the price range for iftar meals made as a tour is around 2000 TL on average. Of course, you can learn the most up-to-date price with the offers our boaters will give you by creating a request. While the fluctuations in the exchange rate affect the prices, some of the factors that will affect your iftar on the yacht are as follows:

  • Your destination/departure location.
  • Organizasyonunuzda istediğiniz ekstra hizmetler.
  • Service and equipment level of your preferred boat or yacht.
  • The number of people who will be at your iftar.
  • How many hours do you want to organize an Iftar organization?

Extra Options for Iftar Organization on Boat and Yacht

HD Drone ve Klip

With HD drone and clip service with our expert teams, you can immortalize your iftar organization on the boat, and when you look back in the future, you can create an album full of good memories.

Boat Decoration & Table Decoration

If you want to organize your iftar organization on the boat by yourself, decor and decoration is an important element, moreover, it is a job that requires help. But so that you don’t get tired of these, it will be enough to mark the ‘boat decoration’ and ‘table decoration’ options in the preferences of your organization. If there is something you want specifically, you can write it as a note in the ‘additional requests’ section.

Live Music and Violin

Boğazda İftar yapmayı planlıyorsunuz fakat ortamın çok sessiz olmasından memnun değil misiniz? Öyleyse keman ve gitar hizmetimiz tam size gÖre. Birbirinden enfes parçalarla keyifli yolculuğunuz daha da şenlenecek. Gerektiğinde eğlenceli gerektiğinde huşu dolu parçalar ile İftarınıza renk katacak.

Welcome Board with Special Name for Iftar on the Boat

YYou can make your guests feel special with the welcome board with a special name and increase their pleasurable factors with one click.

Why should you organize your Iftar on the boat through Teknevia?

When you create a request for your Iftar organization on the boat via Teknevia, you can get a free quote from dozens of boat owners by specifying the entire content of your organization, unlike any other site. All companies Teknevia works with are insured and official; companies with documents. In addition, you can get free event consultancy from our event consultants before the event. You can compare the price offers by examining both the visuals, the facilities and the safety equipment of the boats, read the previous customer reviews and reserve the desired boat online 24/7 by prepayment. Since Teknevia works on a tender method, you can organize your Iftar on board with Teknevia at the most affordable price.