Bozdoğan Aqueduct Guide

Bozdoğan Aqueduct Guide
Bozdoğan Aqueduct Guide

Istanbul, for sure, has been one of the richest cities in terms of culture since before Christ. The well-known culture is Roman Empire.

Apparently, this civilization left to Istanbul many historical monuments, buildings, fortresses, and so on. Among them, there is a functional monument which is Bozdoğan Aqueduct. 

History of Bozdoğan Aqueduct

Istanbul was famous for its lack of water. Istanbul Bozdoğan Aqueduct was built by Roman Empire in the late 4th century AD, to be able to meet the water need of the city. The construction started in the reign of Roman Emperor Constantius II, and was done in the reign of Emperor Bozdoğan. That’s why, the other name of the aqueduct is Bozdoğan Aqueduct. The aqueduct had been used for centuries, including by both Byzantines and Ottomans. Every empire made some renovations and additions. The aqueduct was taking its water supply from the hills of Kağıthane and the Sea of Marmara. The water which was taken was divided into the neighborhoods via pipelines and cement channels. It took so much water that hundreds of cisterns and three open reservoirs became full. It had been the major water resource in the city for more than 15 centuries. In the whole years of its life, many incidents such as earthquakes and attacks had faced, however, the aqueduct is still surviving. There are some parts today which are no longer existed. Surprisingly, an aqueduct has been surviving almost the first centuries of the milestone. 

Bozdoğan Aqueduct
Bozdoğan Aqueduct

Why Do You Need to See Bozdoğan Aqueduct?

Even if Bozdoğan Aqueduct is not used anymore, that does not mean that it is not aesthetic. It’s mostly known that the Fatih district is pretty historical place, yet this aqueduct contributes to its beauty. Tourists tend to take a photograph of the Bozdoğan Aqueduct. Also, it is on Atatürk Boulevard, it feels amazing when you pass down it. 

How Can I Go to Bozdoğan Aqueduct?
How Can I Go to Bozdoğan Aqueduct?

How Can I Go to Bozdoğan Aqueduct?

Bozdoğan Aqueduct is in Fatih district, Istanbul. You can reach there by three transportation ways. First of all, you can use the metro lines, which are M1A and M2. Or, you can get in Marmaray (Ataköy-Pendik). Lastly, you can use public buses which are 28, 30D, 336, 33B, 35C, 41Y, 77A, 78, and 82.

What are the Nearest Touristic Destinations to Bozdoğan Aqueduct?

Genuinely, the most beautiful places that the aqueduct has, are the parks around it. You can find Saraçhane Archaeology Park, Fatih Anıt Park, and Saraçhane Park. These locations are the best when you want to take a rest, and enjoy the sunny weather in summer seasons and bird songs. Also, the second nearest place is Molla Zeyrek Mosque. This mosque was converted from church to mosque in the best way. The outside of the mosque was constructed according to Byzantine architectural patterns, the inside of it was converted into a mosque, and has Islamic aspects over the dome or walls. The mixture of two cultures, must be seen. 

Another place you need to see is Fatih Mosque. Contrary to Molla Zeyrek Mosque, this mosque was totally constructed according to Ottoman architectural patterns. That is a mosque complex, it has a hospice, a madrasah, a soup kitchen, a library, and a hammam. You need to see these three monuments to identify the different cultural signs. Hope you can enjoy your Istanbul trip!

Where is Bozdoğan Aqueduct?

Bozdoğan Aqueduct is in Fatih district, Istanbul.

Why Bozdoğan Aqueduct had been constructed?

Istanbul was genuinely in need of water supply, and to be able to meet the needs, Roman Empire built the aqueduct.

How can I go to Bozdoğan Aqueduct?

You can get there by Marmaray (Ataköy-Pendik line), the metro lines which are M1A and M2, or you can use many public buses. 


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