Laleli Mosque Guide

Laleli Mosque
Laleli Mosque

Istanbul has plenty of historical destinations, for sure. In that sense, the Fatih district can be assumed as the most historical district in Istanbul. And in that text, Laleli Mosque will be the headline.

Laleli Mosque, in Turkish: Laleli Camii or Tulip Mosque, is built by Sultan Mustafa III in Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey. The foundation date of the Fatih Mosque is between 1760-1763. Sultan Mustafa III commissioned the architect Mehmet Tahir Agha to build the mosque. Also, the Sultan made a tomb for himself and his son in the complex of Laleli Camii.

History of Laleli Mosque

When it comes to the history of Laleli Mosque, the mosque was constructed as a complex, which consisted of a mosque, a soup kitchen, tombs of Sultan Mustafa III and his son Sultan Selim III, a fountain, a guest-house, and a hammam. However, a tough earthquake destroyed the outer parts of the complex, and the mosque, the tombs, and the fountain strengthened. Today these are the remained parts of the mosque. 

Where the Mosque Takes Its Name?

Laleli Mosque was named after Laleli Baba who was regarded as a custodian by Sultan Mustafa III. The tomb of Laleli Baba was in a place where close to the mosque, the tomb was moved to the complex, and the name of Laleli Baba was given to the mosque and the neighborhood after him.

Laleli Mosque Architecture
Laleli Mosque Architecture

The Historical Architecture of Laleli Mosque

Laleli Mosque is the second example of Baroque architecture in the Ottoman Empire, the first one is Nuriosmaniye Mosque and Tophane Nusretiye Mosque. Although the construction is planned as Baroque, in the process of building, the plan was changed constantly, it that sense the final architecture of the mosque does not fit in the Baroque totally. Thus, Laleli Mosque is regarded as one of the significant architectural examples, it consists not just of Baroque, but also has the elements of Turkish architectural characteristics. Granite and marble were the construction materials that were used mostly in the construction. 

The outer part of the mosque is occupied by shops, little restaurants, etc. These shops are built in the place of the hammam which broke down and the shops’ rents financially support the mosque. As a rectangular shape, the mosque has a fountain in the middle of its courtyard. It has one main dome and six semi-domes that supports the main one. The two minarets are located at the sides of the mosque. Both the inside and the outside of the mosque are furnished with the art of calligraphy.  

The interior has a wide plan, the walls are ornamented with marble in which the colors red, yellow, blue, and brown. All these ornaments make the inside of the mosque artistic. The mosque also possesses a special part for sultans. These parts were used as praying places for sultans and nobody can enter them. These special parts are called “Sultan Mahfili” and Laleli Mosque also has one. At the inside mihrab and minbar were furnished lavishly with marble. 

These days, the complex just possesses the mosque, the tombs, and the fountain, however, after praying or a little tour of the mosque, you can visit the tombs of Sultan Mustafa III, his wife Mihrisah Sultan, his daughters Hibetullah Sultan, Fatma Sultan and Mihrimah Sultan, and his son Sultan Selim III. Their tombs are also furnished with Iznik tiles and the art of calligraphy on the walls.

Madrasah and the guest-house are the ones which could not make it today. However, in the area of the guest-house, today the disorderly house was built. The building is in the northern part of the Laleli Mosque.

You can make a donation to the mosque, but it’s not obligatory, as always. Moreover, the mosque is still working, that’s why at prayer times, the mosque will be closed. Lastly, fitting into the mosque etiquette will be better. 

Laleli Mosque
Laleli Mosque

How to get to Laleli Mosque?

Fatih district where Laleli Mosque is located is easy to reach. Bus lines which are 28T, 30D, 32T, 38, 39D, and 72T are the ones that go to Fatih. A Tram line named as Kabatas-Zeytinburnu might be another option to get Laleli. The mosque is at the center of Fatih so it is easy to find it. Also, Marmaray (Ataköy-Pendik, Gebze-Halkalı) and Metro line M2 can be easy and convenient transportation ways. 

What tourist places there are near Laleli Mosque?

The nearest shopping areas are under the mosque. Besides, Grand Bazaar is not far away from Laleli Mosque. You can see lots of varieties of goods and purchase some souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones. Spice Bazaar is a little bit far from Grand Bazaar, yet still can be reachable. By using the tram line, you can reach Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet Mosque, and Topkapı Palace. Hope you have a wonderful trip in Istanbul!

Where is Laleli Mosque?

Laleli Mosque is located in Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey.

Who made Laleli Mosque built?

Sultan Mustafa III made Laleli Mosque built.

What tourist places are close to Laleli Mosque?

Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, and with a little trip Hagia Sophia, Sultanahmet Mosque, and Topkapı Palace are the closest places to there.

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