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Yacht and Boat Rental

Istanbul hosts local and foreign tourists with its unique Bosphorus view and architectural structures with aesthetic richness. The Bosphorus, which has gained a worldwide reputation, is explored in the most comprehensive way by yacht and boat tours. In the midst of the beauties of the European and Anatolian sides, in Istanbul, which has a different view day and night, it is very enjoyable to learn about the city with yacht charter and boat rental alternatives on the sea.

Yacht charter in the Bosphorus is an activity that leaves the noise of the city behind and will accompany you with a beautiful view wherever you turn your head. The Bosphorus, which welcomes countless visitors every year, is also one of the most ideal spots for boat rental. With the hourly boat rental option, you can watch Istanbul on the boat for as long as you want and organize your entertainment.

There are also hourly yacht rental alternatives, similar to the hourly boat rental option. Charter yachts are among the most sought-after marine vehicles for crowded organizations.

How Much Are the Hourly Yacht Rental Prices?

Prices for yacht charter in the Bosphorus start at 800 Turkish Lira per hour. Services provided by the yacht organization, such as food, alcohol, and cake, are among the things that influence prices. Depending on the services chosen and the yacht’s capacity, prices can approach 3500 TL.

How Much Are Boat Rental Prices in the Bosphorus?

Boat rental in the Bosphorus is made with prices starting from 1000 TL per hour. Among the factors affecting the prices, there are included and non-included services such as table decoration, music, photography and video shooting within the yacht organization. Prices can reach up to 15,000 TL depending on the selected services and the boat capacity reaching 500 people.

Things to Do Before Chartering a Yacht and Boat

There are some criteria that you need to determine before organizing a yacht or boat rental organization in the Bosphorus. Among these criteria;

  • Determining the number of guests to participate in the organization
  • Determining the services to be included in the organization
  • Determining how long you will make the rental process
  • The date of the lease and
  • Determination of boat/yacht arrival and departure ports is located

According to the determined criteria, a boat or yacht charter should be made in accordance with the capacity. In this way, it will be much easier for your organization to be planned and shaped according to your demands.

Best Activities to Do in Istanbul by Boat

With boat tours, it is possible to do enjoyable and entertaining activities in the Bosphorus, on the islands and on other excursion routes. Marriage proposal under the Istanbul bridge, birthday celebrations, islands tour, fishing tours, wedding, special day organizations and business dinner are some of these activities.

A boat organization that you and your guests will be pleased with, where you and your guests will share your most special moments, is among the most popular celebration venues. It will be an organization that will not be erased from your memories, sailing to the deep blue sea of Istanbul by boat and having unlimited fun in a place just for you.

Where to Go by Yacht in Istanbul?

If you wish, you can choose one of the beautiful ports of Istanbul, Şile, Ağva, Üsküdar, Kuleli, Ortaköy, Beşiktaş, Pendik Marina, Beylikdüzü Marina and other departure points, or you can choose the yacht you charter from Büyükada, Küçükada, Heybeliada, Kınalıada and Burgazada you can organize a trip with

Yacht Charter Istanbul

There are many fun and calm atmospheres to go and see in Istanbul with yacht charter. Fascinating landscapes such as the Maiden”s Tower, Galata Tower and historical buildings on the Islands are waiting to witness your special days with you.

What is Included in Boat and Yacht Rental Prices?

There are some services to be included or excluded depending on the type of organization in both boat and yacht charters. You can add the following services to the organization according to celebrations such as father”s day, mother”s day, after party, henna, wedding, engagement:

  • Volcano Welcome Ceremony
  • Table Decoration
  • Boat Decoration
  • Photo and Video Shooting
  • Bouquet of Flowers
  • Violinist
  • Soft Drinks
  • Laser
  • Custom Name Welcome Board
  • Red Carpet
  • Unlimited Drinks
  • Bringing Alcohol from Outside
  • Private DJ Performance
  • Birthday Cake

With these services, you can immortalize your celebrations and make them more fun and glorious. The determining criteria for the prices of boat or yacht charter concepts in the Bosphorus vary according to the number of services received and the capacity of the people.

Boat Charter Istanbul

While there are customers who organize events only for boat or yacht charter, there are also customers who organize large ceremonies with a full concept and all services are included. It is recommended to make a reservation at least 1 week before the date you will set for yacht and boat rentals, which are very popular especially in the spring and summer months.

Most Held Yacht and Boat Organizations

In yacht and boat rentals, an environment is organized where you can only get together with your loved ones, spend time having fun at the port you want, at any time interval, and as much as you want. Among these celebrations and organizations, there is a high demand for marriage proposals, birthdays, baby showers, launches, corporate entertainment, bachelorettes, graduations, swimming tours and anniversary celebrations.

Along with the services that host large groups in the most special way, it is inevitable to eat, dance and have fun with the view of Istanbul. A wonderful celebration awaits you, where your every moment is recorded with photographs and videos, alcohol and food are served uninterruptedly, fun music joins you from the background, your organization is crowned with a volcanic welcome and closing ceremony, and a decorated boat or yacht is reserved for you alone.

How to Charter a Yacht with Teknevia?

After determining the number of guests, charter date and organization type in boat and yacht charter operations, the charter process is completed in a very practical way thanks to the Teknevia intermediary service platform. Organizations are organized within the framework of at least 1 hour programs. Bringing boat and yacht owners and customers together directly, Teknevia allows you to learn the rental prices from boat and yacht owners along with the services you prefer.

It is possible to compare the prices of yachts and boat owners from the special panels created for Teknevia customers. Thus, the most ideal priced yachts or boats can be rented. After the rental prices are learned quickly and easily, a reservation is made for the yacht or boat that is suitable for you. Since you have determined the entire content of the organization and you know the rental price in advance, you are not likely to encounter extra surprises. Prepayment is made online for the reservation and the rental process of the boat or yacht is completed.

With Teknevia, you can view the offers and yacht or boat information with a single click. Thus, you have the chance to decide whether the boats and yachts are suitable for their concepts and your organization type.

The Easiest Address to Rent a Boat and Yacht: Teknevia

Contrary to the working principles of similar companies, Teknevia provides the safest way to charter by connecting customers with yacht owners and boat owners directly. Completing all transactions online and not physically directing customers anywhere creates a practical rental process.

All the expectations of customers who want to crown their happiest days on the sea and away from the eyes through chartered yachts and boats are met thanks to Teknevia”s intermediary boat rental platform. Teknevia, where every customer is satisfied, services are provided flawlessly, and organizations are organized with luxury yachts and boats, unlike standard celebrations on every special day, is the only address for many customers to this day. By using Teknevia.com, you can determine the content of your organization according to your wishes and get a price offer from the most suitable yachts for you. You can rent the yacht you want with a single click, by reviewing the bidders, easily accessing and comparing their information.

Teknevia, the only address for online reservation for yacht charter and boat rental, is one click away for all your yacht and boat rental organizations.

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