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Swimming Tours on the Islands

One of the beauties of Istanbul dating back centuries is its islands. Being intertwined with nature and the sea, the Islands are frequented by local and foreign tourists in all seasons. In the islands known as the Princes’ Islands, there are 9 different islands, large and small. Heybeliada, Burgazada, Büyükada and Kınalıada are the most visited of the islands that can be reached by ferry from Istanbul.

It is possible to spend quiet and pleasant times on the islands, away from the crowds of the city. Flowers blooming especially in spring and summer, newly sprouting lemon trees and bougainvillea make the islands a different beauty. Wouldn’t you like to spend a day where you wouldn’t want to leave the islands with walks on the cobblestone streets, bike rides, cafes and restaurants more beautiful than the other?

Another activity on the islands, also known as the Red Islands, is swimming in the cool waters of the Marmara Sea. With its small beaches, you can swim all over the islands and enjoy the summer on the islands, one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul. The number of visitors who go to the islands by swimming tour is at least as much as the visitors of crowded holiday resorts. In a crowded metropolis like Istanbul, the Islands are the best escape point for those who want to be alone with nature.

Istanbul Boat Swimming Tours

It is quite easy to get to the islands from Eminönü, Beşiktaş, Kabataş, Kartal and Bostancı in Istanbul. With an average of 1 hour and extremely enjoyable boat ride, it will take you to the islands that are as beautiful as the Aegean coastal towns. Wouldn’t you consider catching the opportunity of a fun and special tour with the boats and yachts preferred for swimming tours?

There are thousands of visitors every year to the islands, where the midday sun warms the sea and the vast blue gives you peace of mind. Daily island swimming tours or swimming tours with accommodation for tourists who want to stay in the cute hotels of the islands have been very popular especially in recent years.

It is one of the most ideal watercraft for both yacht and boat swimming tours. Why wouldn’t you want to make your island tour much more enjoyable with boat and yacht rentals reserved just for you and your guests, without waiting for the ferry or trying to catch the ferry’s departure time?

Istanbul Islands Swimming Tour

The islands, with their architectural and natural beauties, are at the top of the must-see places in Istanbul. In addition to swimming in the Islands, you can take walks for exploration and visit the historical heritage of the islands. You can visit the whole island for an average of half an hour on Kınalıada and Burgazada, and 1 hour on Büyükada and Heybeliada.

Değirmenburnu beach in Heybeliada, Malta Bay and Kalpazankaya beach in Burgazada, Kumluk beach and Ayazma in Kınalıada, Nizam beach and Aya Nikola beach in Büyükada are the most ideal beaches for swimming.

Büyükada, which has the longest sea shore, is one of the most suitable places for families and young people to swim with its 200 meters of clean beach. As there are no motor vehicles in Büyükada and other islands, which are recommended primarily for those who want to take a swimming tour in Istanbul, the air is at least as clean as the sea.

Swimming in the Islands with Teknevia Yacht Charter

Wouldn’t you like to have a swimming tour with the yacht you rented through Teknevia, where you can determine the content of your organization completely and increase your entertainment with activities such as food, drink, alcohol, DJ performance, photography and video shooting according to demand? It is your right to go on a swimming tour in the islands with the yacht you can rent directly from the yacht owner at the most affordable prices, to take a short holiday away from the stress and noise of the city, and to relax.

Swimming in the Islands with Teknevia Boat Rental

With Teknevia boat rental without an intermediary, you have the opportunity to make a reservation for any date you wish. You can rent boats at affordable prices via Teknevia to spend a nice day in the Islands, which are among the most popular places in Istanbul.

The departure points for the Islands swimming tour boat rentals are Arnavutköy, Bebek, Eminönü, Kabataş, Kandilli, Karaköy and Kuleli. You have the chance to finish the tour at the destination you want by departing on the route you want. The cost of renting a boat or yacht for the islands swimming tour of Teknevia varies between 8000 TL and 12.000 TL on average, depending on your preferences.

Swimming Tours in the Bosphorus

It is strongly recommended for Teknevia customers visiting the islands to take a swimming tour in the Bosphorus as well. From young to old, swimming boat tours and yacht tours in Istanbul are made in the deep blue waters of the Bosphorus. Boat tour in the Bosphorus is the most enjoyable method for swimming activities.

You can find the prices of Istanbul swimming boat tours through Teknevia, and you can calculate the net amount by adding 10% Teknevia commission along with the services you want to include in your organization.

Yacht and boat tours, which include many services such as soft drinks, boat decoration, photo and video shooting, violinist, food and beverage, are organizations where you can have unlimited fun. You can rent boats and yachts with Teknevia, where you can compare prices, organize an effortless event by including many different services in your organization, and have a pleasant time with your guests. You can only rent a boat or yacht without taking any service through Teknevia, which offers both a fast and practical rental option. Create a request now to plan a swimming tour in the Bosphorus with the most affordable prices and the most luxurious boats or yachts, and review the offers instantly!