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Business Lunch on Boat Boats

Business Dinner Organization on Boat

For corporate business dinners, yacht and boat rentals are the type of organization that is preferred even more than the most popular places in recent times.It is possible to have a pleasant dinner with your colleagues and to have business meetings in an isolated environment with the boats and yachts assigned only to you.

You can organize both your celebrations and professional business dinners to host your colleagues, partners, guests from out of town, and the families of your employees on Teknevia yachts and boats, which are arranged in a way that will harmonize with the corporate environment.Like all of our customers who leave satisfied with the boat and yacht rentals they have made with Teknevia, there are numerous services we can recommend to you, apart from the rental process for your business dinner.

For those looking for a quieter place for a business dinner rather than crowded lounges, cafes and restaurants, a yacht or boat sailing to the Bosphorus will be an ideal alternative. Wouldn”t you consider attending Teknevia organizations with your colleagues, where companies celebrating their anniversary also organize business dinners?

Business Dinner on Boat

The company dinner organization on the boat offers an elegant environment where you can host both your employees and dealers. You can rent the boat for breakfast, lunch or dinner at attractive prices for business dinner events.

Teknevia, which is the ideal rental platform for companies that will organize a business lunch in Istanbul, offers you various services such as photo and video shooting, cake, welcome board with a special name, and music performance. It is enough to create a reservation request from Teknevia for a rental process where you will be comfortable and receive superior service quality together with the services you prefer.

With Teknevia, where you can plan all your corporate organizations within the services you specify, you can make yacht or boat rentals very easily. Are you still waiting to charter the beautiful boats of Teknevia, which brings you the rental process without having to go to a physical office?

Business Dinner on Yatch

We enable you to organize an official and enjoyable event with your employees and colleagues, whom we will host as our own guests. Along with the services we undertake for you, there are many different services such as catering, unlimited soft drinks and alcoholic beverages for business dinners, including the families of the employees.

You can regularly repeat the company dinner event on the yacht, where your guests from outside of Istanbul will also be extremely pleased, and you can receive a professional organization service. Working for you with the concept of a business lunch, Teknevia is with you at your company dinners as well as on every special day.

With our rich menu content, you can give your guests an impressive feast at your business dinner. Thanks to our uncompromising services and Teknevia”s intermediary rental platform, you can quickly complete your rental process by making a reservation.

Teknevia for Business Dinner

Business lunches are usually held once a month or once a year. However, on special days, especially at business dinners where the families of the employees are present, both entertainment and motivation are provided together. With Teknevia, which promises a pleasant event, you can organize all your organizations and rent boats and yachts in the easiest way.

Wouldn’t you like to organize a very nice motivational dinner for your employees with both the ambiance and comfort environments on boats or yachts thanks to Teknevia”s agentless rental platform? Then, you can choose the business lunch organization on our website, determine your preferences and create events where you can comfortably host all your guests.

Providing uninterrupted service for you for 12 months, Teknevia helps you with offers suitable for every service preference and date range you determine. You can have a luxurious business dinner on the yachts and boats where you will host your important business partners and guests, and you can conduct your meetings in a professional manner.

Company Dinner Organization with Quality Services

Are you looking for a place where you can have your busy business lunch? Then you can benefit from the quality services offered by Teknevia, as well as yacht and boat rental services. You can set your budget and number of guests for the business dinner organization and make the rental process with one click.

You can create your organization by choosing any of the services such as alcoholic beverages, table decoration, unlimited soft drinks, boat and yacht decoration. We always prioritize your satisfaction by enabling you to organize an event that suits your wishes within the framework of the possibilities we offer.

Company Dinner Organization Prices on the Boat

The right address for motivational dinners, company meetings and dealer dinners, Teknevia is number one in luxury and comfortable yacht or boat rentals. We guarantee that employers who want the best for their employees will leave the organizations they will organize with Teknevia completely happy.

You can hold your business meetings with the unique view of the Bosphorus with yacht charters with Teknevia. You will be very satisfied with the yachts and boats you can rent from Teknevia, with both comfortable and unlimited service options. You can get prices from yacht and boat owners by choosing the Business Dinner organization to reserve your place and make a reservation today.

Wondering how yacht and boat rental prices are determined? Let”s explain right away. Organization time plays an important role among the factors in determining prices. Yacht rental and boat rental amounts, which are shaped by the additional services selected, have a wide price range between 2900 TL and 12900 TL.

Customize Your Business Lunch with Teknevia Yacht and Boat Charters

You can specify your requests such as I want to bring alcohol from outside, I want non-alcoholic beverages and I want a food menu consisting of 4 different menus, and you can determine it yourself in line with your organization”s choices. You can have a pleasant time for your employees and yourself by having a stylish meal in the middle of the sea on the yachts and boats you will rent with Teknevia.

You can choose Teknevia to provide unlimited service to your guests at the business dinner events you will host, and organize a luxurious organization with yacht and boat rentals. Wouldn”t you like to contact the yacht and boat owners directly on the days and dates you want and make a rental that suits your budget?

Yacht Charter with Teknevia for Company Meals

You can both take a Bosphorus tour and organize your company meals on yachts and boats, which are much more comfortable than cafes and restaurants. Among the services Teknevia provides with only 10% commission are yacht and boat rental services, as well as organizational content and preferences.

You can get information about service details, send all your additional requests and see the organization prices by contacting us from our mobile application or website. You can quickly access the fees determined by the boat and yacht owners according to the duration of the organization and the number of guests to participate in the organization from the customer panel opened specifically for you.

Teknevia, which is both a practical and reliable rental platform, has a very high customer satisfaction rate. As the Teknevia family, where we consider every detail for you and provide many different services to ensure your happiness, we are honored to organize your business lunches.

You can contact us for your questions and other information. You will never regret choosing Teknevia, which has made it a mission to support you and provide the highest quality service for you from the beginning of the rental process.