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Engagement Henna Party on Boat Boats

Henna Night Organization on the Boat

We have some important special days in our lives and we try very hard to make those days the most beautiful and the best. Organizations such as weddings, engagements and henna are also the most beautiful steps taken on the way to marriage. So, how do we make such important days even more memorable and special? It is a very aesthetic idea to move the concept of space directly to a different dimension, to the sea. So having a henna night on the boat would be the best choice.

Why Henna Night on the Boat?

Henna night organizations on the boat are very popular lately.

  • You can determine the content of your henna night organization in your own way. When you decide to have a henna night on the boat, you can set the time, boarding/disembarkation point and the content of your entire organization according to you.
  • You do not have to comply with the rules of the halls and places, or you do not need to think about whether there is this food or decoration.
  • Henna night organizations on the boat are generally more convenient and more luxurious than booking a ceremony in any luxury saloon or venue. In this way, both you and your guests will feel more special and you will really get what you pay for. because rents and other fixed expenses are high in luxury halls and luxury venues, this is reflected in the price you pay in every space. But on boats this is not the case and you get service in the index of what you actually pay.
  • If mediocrity is not for you and you are open to innovations, having your henna night on the boat will be the most fun and modern version of it. moreover, it will be quite romantic to be in the view on your special day rather than looking at a sea view.

Henna Night on the Boat Prices

How much are the boat rental prices for the henna night? Henna night prices on the boat are approximately 2000-3000TL, but they vary from company to company and according to your preferences. But don’t worry, there are options for every budget in terms of boat rental prices for henna night on the Bosphorus. When we examine the factors affecting the prices of henna night organizations on the boat in Istanbul, the following are briefly the following;

Your arrival/departure location

  • Extra services you want in your organization,
  • Service and equipment level of the boat or yacht you prefer,
  • Number of people who will be in the engagement henna organization,
  • How many hours do you want to organize an engagement henna organization?

How is a Henna Night on the Boat?

Henna nights have a very important place in our culture, especially for women, it is an organization that needs to be thought through in fine details. ‘How is a henna night on the boat?’ If you have questions like these, do not worry because it will be very different from a normal salon organization and will be unforgettable for years. We have thought very carefully for you and have prepared a wide choice list.

How Engagement Happens on the Boat?

Engagement is the first ceremonial event on the way to marriage. Arranging an engagement on the boat will also make you feel at home on this exciting road. Engaging on a boat is a more modern and stylish choice than a lounge event. Since floor rents and other fixed expenses are high in luxury halls and luxury venues, the price you pay is reflected in every space. But on boats this is not the case and you get service in the index of what you actually pay.

Extra Services for Engagement on the Boat

Engaging on the boat will be more enjoyable than a parlor ceremony. Your family, friends, guests will talk about this night for years and everyone will remember it with a smile on their face.

  • Kaftan Options for the Bride and Lady
  • Kaftan for Bride’s Friends
  • Henna Tray Bendir and Fan
  • Bridal Veil and Hand Rose
  • Dry and Wet Henna by Number of Guests

Since the day belongs to the bride, we have offered a variety of options for her, her friends and guests, along with the best service they can get. Engaging on a boat instead of arranging it in a salon means whatever you want it to be.

Bridal Henna Outlet And Henna Team Choreography & Throne Service and Accessories

Having a henna night on the boat makes the night special, and it would be appropriate to add a little flair to it. Henna team choreography, throne service and accessories will make you feel like a queen because you are the shining star of that day.

Breaking the jug Ceremony

As you know, it is one of our traditions to break the test in ceremonies such as engagement, henna and wedding. It is made for the evil eye and abundance. Engagement and henna on the boat will not prevent you from any of our traditions. All you have to do is tick the test breaking ceremony option from the preference list above.

Groom Raid with Drum Show & Bride debut with Drum

When you say henna on the boat, don’t think too simply, you wouldn’t even be able to hear the drum show and groom raid option in a normal saloon. We love the drum as a people. Any ceremony without drums is incomplete. moreover, when you organize henna on the boat, you will not encounter a situation such as interrupting your entertainment at the time determined by the salons, you determine the hours.

Other food and beverage options

Organizations such as engagement and henna on the boat, of course, cannot be done without eating and drinking. If you want your engagement and henna organization on the boat not to be without a meal, you can plan your organization with or without dinner or cocktails. You can choose alcoholic beverages in all 3 options, bring your own or choose only non-alcoholic beverages. When you choose alcohol, you can include many local and foreign drinks in your reservation. If you want to bring your own alcohol, don’t forget to tick I want to bring alcohol from outside. We also have a soft drink option for your guests who do not prefer alcohol. In your engagement-henna organization with dinner, it will be beneficial to make a reservation for at least 2-3 hours. Otherwise, you may not have time to have fun by rushing.

Cake Cutting Ceremony

You can bring the birthday cake yourself or supply it from the company for your engagement or henna organization on the boat or on the yacht. If you are going to bring the cake yourself, it will be beneficial for you to specify it in the notes section when opening the request. If you are going to supply from the boat, mark the cake cutting ceremony and specify what kind of cake you want in the notes when opening your request.

Various Music Option

Tercih ettiğiniz müzik ve eğlence türüne göre de seçeneklerimiz var. Siz de organizasyonunuzda sadece müzikle ilgilenen profesyonel biri olmasını istiyorsanız dj ekstra hizmeti almak tam size göre. Bizim istediğimiz müzikleri çalacak mı diye düşünüyorsanız hiç merak etmeyin. Dj’inize müzik listesi verebilir eğlence sırasında da misafirlerinizin istediği şarkıları çaldırabilirsiniz. Unutmayın teknede nişan-kına organizasyonunuzda her şey sizin için. Talebinizde dj seçeneğini tercih ettikten sonra fiyat tekliflerini değerlendirirken rezervasyon yapacağınız teknenin imkânlar kısmından müzik sistemi olup olmadığına dikkat etmeyi unutmayın. Aksi takdirde organizasyonunuzda sorun yaşayabilirsiniz. Mükemmel bir teknede nişan- kına töreni geçirmeniz dileğiyle…

Live Music Guitar

If you don’t like DJ or that kind of entertainment, you can also choose live music guitar or violinist option.

Photo video shooting – HD drone and Clip

You can immortalize this unique engagement-henna event with HD drone and clip service with our expert teams, and when you look back in the future, you can create an album full of beautiful memories.

Why should you organize your Engagement Henna on the Boat Organization through Teknevia?

When you create a request for your engagement henna onboard organization through Teknevia, you can get a free quote from dozens of boat owners by specifying the entire content of your organization, unlike any other site. All companies Teknevia works with are insured and have official documents. In addition, you can get free event consultancy from our event consultants before the event. You can compare price offers by examining both the visuals, possibilities and safety equipment of the boats, read previous customer reviews and reserve the boat you want by making a prepayment 24/7 online. You can organize your engagement or henna organization on the boat with Teknevia at the most affordable price, as Teknevia works on a tender method.