Wedding on Boat

Enter the world of marriage on a wonderful boat

Wedding on the Boat

If you want a different wedding or if your dream is to get married on the high seas, you can organize your wedding on a boat. Wedding on the boat stands out as a very unique wedding organization idea. An ideal alternative to surprise all guests, a boat wedding promises unique options for a great wedding experience, whether on a sailboat or another large boat. Wedding on a boat Istanbul is an extremely popular and attractive option, but it also guarantees an unforgettable wedding experience.

How to Have a Wedding on a Boat?

If you do not want your wedding to be only symbolic; Yacht charter Istanbul will be an ideal choice for your wedding. It is a form of wedding event that many couples are interested in because the wedding prices on the boat are affordable. A boat wedding is often an unforgettable moment for both the bride and groom and the guests attending such a special event. It is important to focus on various details for a dream boat wedding.

First of all, knowing the types of boats is important in terms of shaping the organization. Yacht is the most common pleasure boat for weddings in sea waters. It is controlled by a captain. It offers good stability and lodging cabins. It is characterized by a design with interior and exterior spaces that provide comfort. Teknevia has yachts for rent in different sizes. There may be single-deck yachts as well as large yachts with a crew of waiters, chefs and captains. Although the capacity varies according to the size of the yacht, they usually offer a capacity of 50 people for a cocktail style wedding.

Wedding Options on the Boat in Istanbul

If you want to have a wedding by renting a yacht in Istanbul, among the options; sailboats, boats and motorboats are smaller and can be said to be suitable for intimate weddings. A catamaran is a hybrid vessel between a sailboat and a yacht. It has enough space for celebration and gathering. It is a great choice for those who want a boat wedding to include their closest friends and family. It usually has a capacity for 50 guests and crew. Although there is not a lot of room to set a table on such yachts, delicious cocktail and food bars can be set up.

Teknevia also has larger size and capacity charter boats that support 100 to 450 guests, including service personnel and number of guests. Dining tables can also be set up on such boats upon request. The type of organization can be completely customized.

As for the organization, decoration and other details about your wedding, the experienced boats have their own plans. Again, you can make changes in the planning content according to your desire. However, you should know that you are in safe hands with companies that are experienced in boat weddings. It is possible to find a boat for each type of wedding, suitable for the nature and needs of the event. Our recommendation; look at the ship as a floating platform. Examine physical areas before aesthetics. Don’t forget to take furniture and decorations into account as well.

What to Wear at a Wedding on the Boat?

The choice of attire is also important when it comes to a wedding on a yacht. Although in the past weddings were only based on certain patterns, nowadays the trend has changed and boat weddings are an important part of this changing concept. With the change in the style of weddings, it became important for the guests to update their appearance and make their choices accordingly. For the wedding on the yacht, more comfortable clothes come to the fore. For a more informal event, you can choose dresses that will stand out with a modern accessory. However, choosing the clothes that you can be more comfortable with will be right for the boat wedding.

The dress options for a wedding are endless. You can choose from long sleeved or sleeveless dresses according to the season. You can also choose asymmetrical dresses, which are the trend of recent times, with peace of mind at boat weddings. The same goes for men’s clothing. Choosing a suit suitable for the season is important. A sports style of clothing can also be adopted upon request. A stylish and simple tuxedo is also very popular at boat weddings.

Bride and groom attire is also an important consideration at boat weddings. Particular attention should be paid to the selection of wedding dresses. A little more comfortable, plain and sports style wedding dresses are suitable for such events. Again, the choice is entirely up to you. You can choose a sports or classic wedding dress according to your preference. You should not forget to choose a suit that suits the wedding dress.

How many people can a wedding on the boat be?

Boat weddings usually do not exceed 150 guests. But there are also boats for up to 450 people. Often the number of guests and the wedding capacity will depend on the type of boat. This form of wedding is intimate events with not many guests. The wedding can be held on sailboats, catamarans, yachts and even on special ferries suitable for weddings. It is important to hire a wedding organization company to ensure that everything is perfect. The most important detail at this stage is to cooperate with a company that is experienced in wedding organization on the boat.

Also, if you want to have a wedding on a yacht; Teknevia offers many options for you. You can make your choices by creating a request on our page and determining the content of the organization exactly as you wish. You can organize your wedding as you wish by choosing from among the boats that adapt to your wishes and needs.

Can We Have a Wedding Dinner on the Boat?

Yes, you can have a wedding dinner on board. You can organize your wedding with a meal according to your wishes. Most of those who do weddings on the boat prefer this type of event as a dinner. Even the decoration can be harmonized with the food. In this way, while a dream wedding experience is possible, it will also be possible to please the guests with treats and meals.

It is important that you try to make your wedding on the boat memorable for you and your guests. Of course, no one can forget such an original wedding. That’s why you can offer a better onboard wedding event with a dinner wedding.

How Much Are the Wedding Prices on the Boat?

Renting a boat and having a wedding here can of course cost a little more than a traditional event venue. Obviously, the prices offered by every boat are not the same. Some boats offer fixed rates per hour, while others may charge a price for the night of the event. Likewise, the number of guests and the content of the event are among the factors that affect the price. Everything will depend on your budget and taste, how much you love the sea and even how prone you are to seasickness.

Celebrate Your Wedding on the Boat with Teknevia in Istanbul

Many couples find that getting married on a boat can be very expensive. However, wedding prices on the boat are extremely suitable for Istanbul and other regions. The cost of a wedding on the boat will largely depend on the number of guests and the type of celebration. It is important to find the boat wedding organization that best fits your budget. In this way, you can have the wedding of your dreams within your budget. Teknevia is the perfect fit for your onboard wedding organizations in the Bosphorus, with 24/7 uninterrupted service guarantee to organize your boat according to your wishes and to ensure the safety of your most enjoyable moments.

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