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Love declaration in the middle of the Bosphorus

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Marriage Proposal on Yacht Boats

It is now very easy to make a marriage proposal on a yacht with Teknevia. Every year, over 400,000 couples get married in Turkey. Processes such as weddings, engagements, henna, nuptials excite thousands of bride-groom candidates. Of course, at the beginning of these processes and as one of the most important, the marriage proposal draws attention. Marriage proposal is one of the memories that couples remember for years and immortalize their relationship. For men, of course, planning this moment is very important. In this sense, marriage proposal on a yacht is a very special type of organization that has become popular in recent years.

Why Marriage Proposal on the Yacht?

Those who want to make a marriage proposal on the yacht are advantageous in many ways. There are many clever reasons to have this dreamlike experience. Before you make your marriage proposal, consider making a marriage proposal on the yacht. Why should you propose on a yacht?

  • You can make your marriage proposal on a yacht whenever you feel ready, regardless of whether I make it in the summer or winter.
  • You don’t have to decide whether this restaurant has a beautiful view or the other. Because when you make a marriage proposal on the boat, you will be able to dine in luxury restaurant quality against a different view in the Bosphorus at any time.
  • In your marriage proposal organization on the boat, you will be able to make a marriage proposal to your lover alone, without considering whether the environment will be suitable when you are making your marriage proposal.
  • When you make a marriage proposal on the yacht, you can be sure that you can take amazing photos. The unique beauty of the Bosphorus will add a magnificent atmosphere and image to you.
  • You will be able to adjust the content of your marriage proposal completely according to your wishes and feel special, without thinking about whether there is this food in that place, this decoration or that drink.
  • While planning your marriage proposal on the yacht, you do not need to think about whether I can make it day or night. You can make your marriage proposal day or night.

Marriage Proposal Prices on Yacht

What are the marriage proposal prices on the yacht? It is a very curious question, especially by groom candidates. It is really difficult to give a single answer to this question because the marriage proposal prices on the boat vary from company to company and according to your wishes in your marriage proposal organization. However, to give an average price, the prices vary between 800tl and 3000tl when you consider an event with a 1 or 2 hour meal and decorations. The fact that the average price scale is so wide depends on quality, but also on other reasons. The reasons for the change in marriage proposal prices on the yacht are as follows;

  • Your arrival/departure location
  • Your preferences with/without meal
  • Whether you want a laser show
  • Service and equipment level of your preferred yacht
  • Whether you want to embellish

Marriage Proposal on the Boat in the Bosphorus

Istanbul is a dream city, which has been the subject of books, poems, songs and paintings throughout history, and has adorned the dreams of many emperors. Istanbul, one of the oldest urban settlements in history, is a unique city both culturally and politically, which has also been the capital of many states. The Bosphorus, on the other hand, is a special strait by separating the two continents, which further increases the importance of this city. One of the biggest advantages for our guests who want to make a marriage proposal in the Bosphorus is that there are many company options. Thanks to this diversity, marriage proposal organizations can be made on yachts suitable for every budget. You can plan your marriage proposal organization on the boat through Teknevia, compare many yachts and make a reservation online by prepayment.

Process in Marriage Proposal on Yacht

When you want to make a marriage proposal on a yacht through Teknevia, create a request by specifying all the content of your organization exactly as you want it. At this stage and before, you can get free event consultancy from our event consultants. Afterwards, evaluate the offers that come to your request and make a reservation by making a prepayment. It would be in your best interest to contact the company you made the reservation with, for example, if you wanted a laser show in your organization, you should inform the company about the names or text you want to print in advance. Since companies in Istanbul have held this event countless times, they will understand your excitement and will do their best to assist you professionally. While reviewing your price offers, you can read the comments of our previous guests about the company. Clarify the situation in your mind by asking all the questions you have in mind when you contact the company. Afterwards, you can talk about other details such as the exact boarding place you want to talk about on the day of the organization. You can pay the remaining amount on the yacht.

Extra Services You Can Choose In Your Yacht Marriage Proposal Organization

Exploding Volcanoes and Laser Show

When you plan a marriage proposal in the Bosphorus, you should definitely include the volcanoes in your organization. Imagine a photograph; A magnificent view of Istanbul, erupting volcanoes in the back, kneeling, you make your offer with the ring in your hand, your wife is standing and your two names are written on the Bosphorus bridge in the back. You can immortalize your marriage proposal in such a frame by adding the volcano and laser option.

Table and Boat Decoration

When you plan your marriage proposal on the yacht, you can add only the table decoration option or both the table decoration and boat decoration option to your organization. Adding these services to your marriage proposal organization will add a different atmosphere to the environment and make you feel special. You will feel the difference in the photos taken.

Photo and Video Shooting

If you say, “I want to immortalize this important moment with professional cameras, not phones,” for your marriage proposal organization on the yacht, the extra photo and video shooting service is just for you. When you add the photo and video shooting option to your organization, only one person will be fully engaged with you to take your photos and record videos.

Food and drink

You can plan your marriage proposal organization with or without meals or cocktails on the yacht. You can choose alcoholic beverages in all 3 options, bring your own or choose only non-alcoholic beverages. When you choose alcohol, you can include many local and foreign drinks in your reservation. Why not a romantic dinner with red wine or a champagne after the marriage proposal? It is important that you make a reservation for a minimum of 2 hours when you choose a meal in your organization. If you choose the meal extra service and make a reservation for 1 or 1.5 hours, you probably will not have enough time or there will be a hasty marriage proposal organization. However, if you do not want extra services such as meals, 1-1.5 hours may be sufficient for your marriage proposal organization on the yacht.

Why should you make your Yacht Marriage Proposal Reservation through Teknevia?

When you plan your marriage proposal organization on Teknevia, you can get price offers from dozens of yacht owners by specifying the entire content of your organization, unlike any other site. All companies that Teknevia works with are insured and have official documents. In addition, you can get free event consultancy from our event consultants before the event. You can compare the price offers by examining the visuals, possibilities and safety equipment of the yachts, read the previous customer reviews and reserve the boat you want by making a prepayment 24/7 online. Since Teknevia works with tender method, you can organize your marriage proposal organization on the yacht with Teknevia at the most affordable price.