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Fishing Tours

Fishing tours are the most enjoyable activities for both professional fishermen and people who love fishing as a hobby. The fishing tour, where many fishermen come together, is an activity that is enjoyed while relaxing by sailing to the vast blue of the sea with boats or yachts. Isn”t it a very enjoyable weekend activity to wait curiously for the fish that will coincide with the fishing line among hundreds of fish?

Fishing tours organized for fishing lovers can be held in many different locations in Istanbul. The effort of the fishermen from the early hours of the morning is of course not tiring for those who manage to fill the buckets in the evening.

There are many places for fishing in Istanbul. Fishing tour organizations are in high demand for those who are new to fishing, where they will spend peaceful times with very enthusiastic and curious expectations. While you can relax your mind with fishing tours of at least 2 hours and maximum 12 hours, it is also possible to be alone with the pleasant sea view.

Who Can Join Fishing Tours?

Just like any other hobby, fishing has no age restrictions. By being patient and lucky, you will feel light and rested all day while returning home with your hands full. Especially for those who have made a habit of fishing, the fishing tours they take regularly provide them with different information about the seas.

Did you know that fishing has many benefits? Fishing provides many benefits such as reducing stress, knowing about fish, giving peace and learning to be patient. It is much more fun to participate in fishing trips with large and comfortable yachts or boats than waiting alone for hours on a chair.

While you are excitedly waiting for the fish that will come out of the water where you put your fishing line, you can encounter many different fish species such as sea bass, anchovy, sea bream, bluefish, turbot and many more. Depending on the spawning and growing periods, it is possible to catch and enjoy various fish during the fishing tours.

Fishing Organizations Organized for Those Who Love Spending Time at Sea

There is no season to spend time at sea. Summer, winter and spring months are ideal for keeping a variety of fish species. Wouldn”t you like to join fishing tours to find out which fish comes out in which season, which fish is more delicious and how enjoyable it is to cook the fish you catch?

Fishing, which is directly related to focus and patience, takes place in conversation with people who share the same activity, accompanied by tea or coffee. The presence of many large and small fish in your bucket from the sea where you cast your fishing line both satisfies and encourages you. The taste of saltwater fish also has a different reputation. Therapeutic fishing activities are the best way, especially for people who want to spend the weekend.

Fishing Tours with Teknevia Yacht Charter

There are some criteria you need to determine after choosing to charter a yacht for fishing tours. The number of guests to attend the organization, the time and date of the organization, the services you want to be included in the organization (for example, eating and drinking, unlimited soft drinks, bringing alcohol from outside) and the budget you will allocate for yacht charter. In line with these criteria, Teknevia brings you together with the most suitable yacht owners and enables you to benefit from its advantageous services.

For fishing tours that both you and your family can attend and that offer a satisfaction guarantee, you can make your rental with a single click, either on mobile or on the website, without having to go to rental offices. Teknevia yacht and boat rentals, which are fast, easy and practical, also meet the additional demands of their customers by considering their needs.

Fishing Tour Prices by Boat

Teknevia organizes fishing tours with boat rentals, where you can have a pleasant time. Boat and yacht rental prices, which vary between 2100 TL and 12,100 TL, are determined together with the services you will include. The number of participants, the content of the organization and the organization time are other factors that affect the price of boat fishing tours.

Teknevia, the best option for fishing tours in Istanbul, offers the best prices with both yacht and boat rentals. On days when you want to escape from Istanbul and seek calmness, you can easily rent yachts or boats in Teknevia by making a reservation in advance.

Fishing Tours in Istanbul

Have you ever had the pleasure of sailing and fishing in the beautiful Bosphorus of Istanbul, which cannot be viewed from afar? If you have not arrived, Teknevia organizes this service for you and brings together those who love both fishing and eating fish. With boat and yacht rentals, Teknevia allows you to organize fishing tours on any date and as long as you want.

Teknevia for Fishing Yachts and Boats

Fishing tour is an activity that you can do in Istanbul and spend a very happy day. Fishing organizations that you can join as a family become much more enjoyable with the boat or yacht you rent through Teknevia. Fishing tours, which are more attended especially in the winter months, when the fish are busy, are held on Teknevia rental boats and yachts at the most attractive prices.

Fishing tours offer you an opportunity to watch your view from the middle of the sea and realize your fishing hobby without being tied to the shores only. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, we guarantee that your fishing rod will not fall off after you have enjoyed fishing.

Best Activity to Join with Teknevia Yacht and Boat Rental: Fishing Tours

You can love the sea, which is the calmest place in Istanbul, and fishing much more with your yacht floating on the sea. You will not be able to understand how the time passes in the Marmara Sea, where you will sail by renting a yacht or a boat. With the conveniences offered by Teknevia, you can make your yacht and boat rentals as quickly as possible and stop putting off your fishing dreams.

The early hours of the day, which is most preferred for fishing, also lasts within the time interval you determine for fishing tours. By choosing the starting and ending point of your organization, you can reach the nearest departure point and you can spend time on the coast of Istanbul.

Thanks to Teknevia, you can get prices from many different yacht and boat owners, and you can join fishing tours in any date range you want. Teknevia, an intermediary platform where you can get free rental prices and compare boat or yacht prices with each other, offers you yachts and boats where you can make all your organizations.

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