Iztuzu Beach Guide

Iztuzu Beach Mugla
Iztuzu Beach Mugla

Iztuzu Beach is located in Dalyan, Muğla, and it is like out of paradise. The beach is out of the city center, and it is in the middle of green mountains, there is a turquoise and shallow sea, and it has golden and fine sands.

Apparently, Iztuzu Beach is one of the natural beauties of Turkey. Besides, the beach is the protection and breeding area for Caretta Caretta turtles. Due to the beach being also a home for turtles, Iztuzu is called Turtle Beach. The beach won many awards thanks to its beauty, including The Best Beach in Europe, and the 7th Beautiful Beach in Europe awards. If you are near Dalyan or Muğla, do not turn back to your home without visiting this beautiful beach. 

Iztuzu Beach
Iztuzu Beach

What to Do in Iztuzu Beach?

In Iztuzu Beach, there are not many activities to do, since the area is also a home for Caretta Caretta (Loggerhead Turtles). On the other hand, spending a day in Iztuzu Beach is also an extra thing. 

What Should Do To be Able to Not Disturb the Turtles?

The entrance to the beach is limited by the hours. After 8 PM and before 8 AM, you cannot enter the beach. These hours are devoted to the turtles, between May and September. Besides, you should not turn on artificial lights and make thundering noises. These will disturb the turtles and can affect them. The nests of the Loggerhead turtles are covered with iron fences and poles, so you should not get close to them. To be able to protect the nests and the eggs, pets like cats and dogs are not allowed to enter the beach. 

Turtle Hospital

To save and rescue the Loggerhead Turtles on the beach, there was founded a hospital. You can see the injured turtles, some of them are suffering from the limb-loss. There is no entrance fee, but the best part of the hospital is that you can either donate or purchase some souvenirs from the souvenir shop of the hospital. In that way, you can help those wonderful creatures. 

The Beach Clubs Near Iztuzu Beach Dalyan

Since construction is not allowed in Iztuzu Beach to be able to protect the turtles, there are not many beach club options here. On the other hand, you can find this restaurant in the area. 

Iztuzu Beach Café: This café meets your basic needs perfectly. Even if it is not as big as the beach clubs in Cleopatra and Lara Beaches, the menu of the café is quiet enough. You can find food from international to Turkish cuisine. Also, you can sit and enjoy your meal in peace.  

Turtle Beach: This restaurant is located on the other side of Iztuzu Beach. The restaurant is run by Mucev, which is a governmental organization, and its aim is to protect Muğla and its beauties. The restaurant serves seafood and other. If you eat your meal here, you will help to protect the Muğla district. 

Hotels in Iztuzu Turtle Beach Dalyan

Since construction is not allowed in Iztuzu Beach, the nearest hotels are in Dalyan, which is 12 km from Iztuzu. These are the favorite hotels in Dalyan.

Hilton Dalaman Sarıgerme Resort & Spa: This is the most luxurious hotel in the area, also close to the beach than other ones. The rooms are designed in an as luxurious and modern way. Some rooms can have people up to 10 people. The hotel provides, ten swimming pools, a spa, a Turkish bath, board riding, meditation, yoga, Zumba, archery, diving school, and windsurfing.

The hotel has its own beach, as well. They have more than one restaurant, including Indian, Turkish, Far East, Fish, Italian, Street Food, and World Cuisine, Gozleme & Mantı House, Vento Bistro, Citrus Patisserie and Bar, Pianofor Bar, Rouge Roof Bar, Elysion Spa Vitamin Bar and Beach Bar. 

BC Spa Hotel: Just like Hilton, this hotel serves many rooms, and they can have up to 6 people. For more than 10 people, a villa is rented and the villa has 10 bedrooms. The restaurant has a bar, a bistro, and a restaurant that serves international food. Also, a spa is another option here.

Where is Iztuzu Beach
Where is Iztuzu Beach

How to Go to Iztuzu Beach?

Iztuzu Beach is in Dalyan, Ortaca, Muğla. The nearest airport to the beach is Dalaman Airport. Some hotels have a service from the airport to the hotel, so you better check your hotel whether they have this service. 

  • Through a hired car, you can go to Iztuzu in 1 hour and 45 minutes from Dalaman Airport.
  • Through the autobuses of HAVAŞ and MUTTAŞ, you can go to Dalyan. 

From Fethiye, you can use MUTTAŞ autobuses to go to Dalyan. 

Entrance Fee and Opening Hours

The entrance is free at the entrance to the beach. The beach opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM. 

You can visit Teknevia for take information about boat rental


  • How to go to Iztuzu Beach?

Iztuzu Beach is in Dalyan, Muğla and the nearest airport is Dalaman Airport. From the airport, you can use Havaş and Muttas Autobuses, or a hired car. 

  • When is the entrance fee for Iztuzu Beach?

The entrance is free at the entrance to the beach.

  • What are the opening hours of Iztuzu Beach?

The beach opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM. 

  • Are there any beach clubs in Iztuzu?

Iztuzu is not allowed for construction, but there are two little restaurants here, Iztuzu Beach Café and Turtle Beach Restaurant. 

  • What are the hotels near Iztuzu?

The best hotels around Iztuzu are Hilton Dalaman Sarıgerme Resort & Spa, and BC Spa Hotel.

Meta Description: Iztuzu Beach is both a natural wonder and a home for Loggerhead Turtles. If you want to spend a day on a beach with the turtles, add Iztuzu Beach to your travel list. 


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