Burgazada: Peace and Scenery


As the third biggest island in Princes’ Island Archipelago, Burgaz Island is prominent in terms of its views. The island is close to Heybeliada and Kaşık Island, on this wise, the island has charming views wherever you look from. Turkish pine is the main vegetation of the island, however, an area with Turkish pines burned down in 2003. Even if Burgazada has a similar history to the other islands in Princes’ Islands, Burgazada has distinctive characteristics compared to the other ones. The low population makes the island an excellent holiday retreat and just like other islands you can rent a bike and explore the vicinity.

The Places to See in Burgazada

Sait Faik Abasıyanık Museum

A significant figure of Turkish Literature, Sait Faik Abasıyanık was an author. He made his mark with his short stories and lived in Burgazada a part of his life. His house in Burgazada was transferred into a house museum of his own accord and you can visit the particular belongings, postcards, photographs, and letters of the author. Considering the bequest of Sait Faik Abasıyanık, the museum is visited for free and it can be visited between the hours of 10:30-17:00, closed on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

Aya Yani Church (Aghios Ioannes Prodromos)

Pretty close to Sait Faik Abasıyanık Museum, Aya Yorgi Church can be the second place you need to visit. The church was damaged by many fires and earthquakes, fortunately, it was renovated again and again. The first church was built by empress Theodora, the wife of emperor Teophilos in the Byzantine Empire. The church was devoted to the famous Baptist Aghios Ioannes Prodromos. The church is looking simple but chic from the outside, on the contrary when you enter you will be amazed by rich icons that belong to Jesus, Mother Mary, and many saints. The church is used by Greek residents, mostly. Aya Yani Church contributes to its multicultural circumstance.

Aya Yorgi Garibi Monastery

The monastery must have been constructed in Byzantine Empire Era; however, the exact date is not known. Until the 17th century, the monastery was like a disaster area, Greek innkeepers tried to renovate it. According to the old resources, the monastery was rebuilt with the same plan as the first church. The church has an icon wall furnished with golden reliefs and wood carvings. Also, there is a bishop’s throne which was made through carpentry. On the other side of the icons, there is a saying on the wall, “By our Holy Lord’s servant Joachim, a Cretan Monk in 1818”.

Bayrak Tepe and Hristos Monastery

Burgazada has one hill, which is popular to go trekking and watch the stunning view. The hill was called Hristos Hill before, yet its name was changed to Bayrak Tepe (Bayrak Hill). The hill is 176 meters high, thus trekkers love the road of the hill. It is a little bit harsh to climb, but at the end, you will encounter a mesmerizing view of the Marmara Sea, Heybeliada, and mainland Istanbul. You can climb up the hill on foot, or with a bike that you rent. On the hill, there is a ruin of Hristos Monastery. That monastery must not be confused with the Hristos Greek Monastery. Hristos Monastery in Burgaz Island was built under the order of Macedonian Emperor Basil I. In the late years of the 18th century, the monastery was abandoned. Today just the ruins of the monastery, a church built in the 19th century, and a two-fold building. There are four Byzantine-style columns in the ruin area. Around the monastery, massive underground cisterns are still collecting rainwater.


Burgazada’s Beaches-Where to swim?

Princes’ Islands’ beaches can be the best islands in Istanbul. These are the beaches on Burgaz Island.

Kalpazankaya Beach

The most popular beach in Burgaz Island offers more than its equivalents. The clean water, a fish restaurant, a picnic site, and a pier complete the beach experience. The beach is located in a bay; thus, the wind does not disturb. A little note: the ground is stony.

Madam Martha Bay

2 km far away from the Burgaz Island Pier, Madam Martha Bay is another option to swim on Burgaz Island. This beach is also available for camping, every summer camp tents are set up by travelers. There is not a restaurant nearby, so you need to take your food with you. The bay takes its name from Madam Martha who was married to a royal Armenian man in Burgazada.

Çamakya Beach

Stands opposite Burgaz Island Pier, and it takes to 40 minutes to get there. Commonly, families and at night young people visit. It’s not an extensive beach, but more well-kept and the entrance is free. Lounges and parasols are paid.

Düşler Sahili (Shore of Dreams)

A little bit far away from the center, and the beach is small, but it’s like a hidden paradise. You can get in 10 minutes by following the signs. There is a restaurant where you can enjoy your breakfast and dinner. Do not miss that the beach is stony. Entrance is free, but you need to pay for lounges and parasols.

Where is Burgazada?
Where is Burgazada?

How to go to Burgazada?

Burgaz Island is located in Princes’ Islands, Istanbul. Piers in Istanbul, such as Bostancı, Eminönü, and Kadıköy ferries depart for Burgaz Island.

What are the nearest touristic destinations to Burgaz Island?

Burgaz Island is located between Kınalıada and Heybeliada, and near Büyükada. The ferries you take to get to Burgaz Island, pass by other islands during the voyage. In Kınalıada, Rum-Orthodox Panayia Church, Hristos Monastery and Hristos Hill, Kınalıada Mosque, and Teos Beach Club are worth to see. Lastly in Büyükada, you can visit Aya Yorgi Hill-Church and Adalar Museum.

Where is Burgaz Island?

Burgaz Island is in Princes’ Islands, Istanbul.

What are the places to see on Burgaz Island?

Sait Faik Abasıyanık Museum, Aya Yorgi Church, Aya Yani Church, Bayrak Tepe, and Hristos Monastery must be seen by everyone. For swimming, Kalpazankaya Beach, Madam Martha Bay, Çamakya Beach, and Düşler Sahili are the options.

Why should I go to Burgazada?

Burgaz Island has many historical and touristic places such as Aya Yorgi Church, however, its prominent feature is being peaceful.

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