Kınalıada: Historical Background


Kınalıada, or as known as Kınalı Island, is the fourth biggest island and the closest one to Istanbul in Prince’s Island Archipelago in Istanbul, Turkey. The island takes the name “Henna’d Island” from the reddish soil since it has a deep mining reservoir. With its 2000 population, the island is pretty small but the population increases up to 20.000 people every summer. Little population and a small island, has no cars in it but electric cars and these features make it a peaceful holiday if you want to see there. If you want to make a little trekking, you can walk all around the island just in 30 minutes.

Historical Background of Kınalıada

Kınalıada welcomed most cultures and races, mostly Armenians. Today, a big majority of the island’s population is Armenian, that’s why the island possesses wonderful monasteries, churches and many places to see. The island was used for exile for years in Byzantine Empire, however, the most significant person who was exiled is Romanos IV Diogenes. After a defeat against Turkish commander and ruler Alparslan, Byzantine Empire made him blind and exiled him to Kınalıada. The monastery in which Romanos Diogenes stayed is still standing in Kınalıada.

Kınalıada Gezilecek Yerler | Nasıl Gidilir? Plajlar ve Piknik Alanları

What are the activities you can do in Kınalıada, Turkey?

Small but offering many opportunities, Kınalıada is a perfect island to do trekking around it. You can make 30 minutes walk, and explore the details of the island. Also, riding a bike is a classical activity to do in Princes’ Islands, and you can easily find some bike renting shops around. Even if the island is quite small according to others, Kınalıada offers more beautiful beaches to its visitors. Kınalıada’s beaches are plenty than the beaches in other islands, and more limpid and its water is shallower.

Teos Beach Club

Teos Beach Club offers its visitors a qualified holiday experience! The beach has not only a clean beach, but also, a restaurant where you can eat your Turkish breakfast, and delicious Turkish food for dinner. Moreover, the beach club makes organizations for your special days, such as weddings. Do not miss that beach club if you want to take a full package service.

Ayazma Beach

Ayazma Beach is on the other side of the island, so you need to walk a little bit after getting off the ferry, however, the island will be less crowded than other ones. The beach offers a sauna, pool and gym. Occasionally beach parties are held there.

Kınalıada İskele Beach

The beach is just next to the pier, so everyone directly swims in that beach. It is easy to find and has a beautiful, clean and limpid sea as well. Entrance is not paid, yet you need to pay for the lounge and parasol. The beach has a restaurant, but it will be more crowded than others.

Kumluk Beach

The beach is private property, that’s why the entrance will be paid. the beach gives full service, and it’s for families, only male groups are not allowed. The beach is pretty safe since it has a lifeguard and doctors, so you can take your family and enjoy. For dinner, you can use the restaurant on the beach.

Kınalıada Island has excellent destinations worth to see, remaining from old residents of the island.

Surp Krikor Lusavoriç Armenian Church

Surp Krikor Lusavoriç Armenian Church has devoted the figure who carries the same name. The church was built in 1857 and it is the only Armenian Gregorian church in Prince’s Islands. The construction was built according to Armenian Architecture; thus, you can see the brilliant Armenian architectural characteristics.

Kınalıada Mosque

This modern look belongs to Kınalıada Mosque, even though it was constructed in 1964 due to the demand of Turkish Muslim folk. Rather than being in a circular shape like traditional mosques, Kınalıada Mosque is pretty asymmetric with its triangular-shaped roof. The only minaret goes from wide to narrow. Also, the minaret does not have a minaret balcony just like traditional ones, on the contrary, the minaret has speakers to call for prayer.

Hristos Monastery and Hristos Hill

Hristos Hill gives a wonderful Marmara Sea and Istanbul view. On your Kınalıada trip, Hristos Hill can be another option to enjoy from the island and the view. On the hill, Hristos Monastery is worth to see. The monastery was an orphanage, in the 20th century, later on, in WWI the monastery was used as a military quarter. Finally, in the 1917 Russian Revolution, the monastery welcomed White Russians. Also, the grave of Leo V The Armenian is standing there. The hill has not a restaurant, but if you bring your food, a picnic here will be awesome.


Sikaryan Twin Houses

The island has many Armenian houses, but these twin houses are the most popular ones on Kınalı island. The houses belong to Sikaryan Family which were engaged in trade. The houses were constructed in the first years of 1900, and the architect is Mr. Avedisyan. The houses draw attention due to their elegant style.

Rum-Orthodox Panayia Church

The church was built for the birth of Mother Mary. The church was constructed in 1886, while digging the base of the church, workers found a considerable number of historical artifacts, however, most of them were damaged during the construction. In the narthex of the church, there is a silver-covered icon that symbolizes the birth of Mother Mary.

How to reach Kınalıada Island?

By ferries, you can reach Kınalıada. Kabatas, Bostancı, Eminönü and Maltepe Piers has a line which goes to Prince’s Islands. The ferries pass by every island. Water taxis are available for use to get to Kınalıada.

What are the nearest touristic places to Kınalıada?

Kınalıada is a part of Prince’s Islands Archipelago and it’s small, thus you can travel all along the island for nearly a half day. By using ferries you can pass to Büyükada, Heybeliada, or Burgazada. The most popular island in the archipelago is Büyükada, thus we recommend to see thereafter your Kınalıada trip. Büyükada also has beautiful and clean beaches, but more touristic places. Hope you enjoy your Kınalıada trip!

Where is Kınalıada?

Kınalıada is located in Princes’ Islands, Turkey.

What are the things to do on Kınalı Island?

On Kınalı Island, you can swim on the nice beaches, and see the historical monuments remaining from the Armenian community.

What are the popular beaches in Kınalıada?

Teos Beach Club, Ayazma Beach, Kumluk Beach, and İskele Beach are the main beaches that are known.

How can I go to Kınalıada?

You can take a ferry from the piers of Bostancı, Kabatas, Eminönü, Kadıköy, and Maltepe. Also, you can use water taxis to get there.

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