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Reservation Review Publication Criteria

Reservation reviews are an important tool for creating an honest trading environment where our customers can share their opinions, suggestions, and questions related to the vehicles available on our platform, find answers, and learn about other customers' thoughts on the products. Therefore, when publishing reviews regarding the products, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, the text should be:

Compliant with the legislation,

  • Not infringing upon intellectual/industrial rights, not creating unfair competition,
  • Not containing health claims (statements that directly or indirectly imply that the product is beneficial to human health, effective against diseases or symptoms, protective, or curative),
  • Not containing insults/offensive language, not violating personal rights, not containing elements of crime, and not conflicting with public morality and order,
  • Not containing obscenity, not unrelated to reservations,
  • Not provocative, not containing threats,
  • Not infringing upon others' personal data or privacy,
  • Not promoting/endorsing any unlawful situation,
  • Not harassing/embarrassing in response to other customers' comments, not involving disparagement, false information, or any other form of unfair competition regarding other brands,
  • Not containing links, advertisements, or comparisons redirecting to different sites. In order to properly guide our customers, only those who have purchased the relevant product can leave a comment. A review you have made regarding a reservation you have purchased may be rejected for publication or removed from the platform if it is found to violate the law or the criteria stated above. If you believe that your review has been unfairly removed or rejected, you can contact our call center.