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Birthday on the Boat

Birthday organizations on the boat are getting popular day by day. There are many reasons why people celebrate their birthdays on the boat. Especially preferred by young people, birthday organizations on the boat increase the diversity of companies that provide professional services due to the increase in demand. Before deciding to have a birthday on the boat, it will be beneficial for you to decide whether you want to celebrate your birthday with your spouse, lover or a friend alone or as a group. Whether you are alone with your friends, your spouse or your lover, blowing your cake and dancing under the lights of the Bosphorus sounds very nice.

Why Birthday on the Boat?

We mentioned that birthday on the boat is an increasingly popular type of organization. So why does a birthday on the boat make sense? While there are many personal reasons why people organize a birthday on the boat, there are also smart reasons that can be adopted by everyone. To briefly mention these reasons:

  • Having fun with your own guests without having to share a common space with other people. This reason is very important for those who do not want to be exposed to the gaze of others in any place outside, and for those who say let’s just be us.
  • In order to determine the content of your birthday organization exactly the way you want, birthday organizations on the boat are exactly the service you are looking for. When you decide to have a birthday on the boat, you can set the time, embarkation / disembarkation point and the content of your entire organization according to you. You don’t have to think about whether that place is open at this time, can my friends come there, or whether there is that food, that decoration.
  • Birthday organizations on the boat are generally more convenient and more luxurious than a group reservation at any luxury restaurant or venue. In this way, you will both feel more special and really get what you pay for. Because floor rents and other fixed expenses are high in luxury restaurants and luxury venues, this is reflected in the price you pay in every venue. But on boats this is not the case, and you get service in the index of what you actually pay.
  • Don’t you think that birthday organizations held at the venue or at home have become ordinary? In terms of not being ordinary, birthday organizations on the boat are really a special type of event. Even if it is once in your life, live this experience and realize it.
  • Various venues or restaurants may have different views or environments. However, you are exactly in the middle of the view in your birthday party on the boat. Especially from the sea in the Bosphorus, the beauty of Istanbul is wonderful at night and wonderful both day and night. Of course, this will make the environment impressive in your birthday organization and will add a different atmosphere to you and your guests.

Boat Rental Prices for Birthday

How much are the boat rental prices for a birthday? This question is very curious by those who plan to have a birthday on the boat. As you can imagine, birthday prices on the boat vary from company to company and according to your preferences. But don’t worry, there are options for every budget in terms of boat rental prices for a birthday in the Bosphorus. When we examine the factors that affect the birthday prices on the boat, the following are briefly the following;

  • Your arrival/departure location
  • Extra services you want in your organization
  • Service and equipment level of your preferred boat or yacht
  • Number of people who will be on your birthday
  • How many hours do you want to organize a birthday?

Yacht Birthday Party

Arranging a birthday party on the yacht and having fun under the lights of the Bosphorus in the middle of the most beautiful view of Istanbul sounds great, doesn’t it? Yacht birthday parties are a type of organization where the satisfaction of our guests is high. Every year, thousands of people choose to have their birthday party on yachts. You should also consider throwing a birthday party on the yacht. Because this wonderful experience is fun and enjoyable enough to decorate your dreams on one day of the year, namely your birthday. Organizing a birthday party on the yacht is very easy with Teknevia. The number of people is very important when you decide to have a birthday party on the yacht. Because yachts in the Bosphorus can host up to 10-15 guests on average. When you decide whether you want to have a birthday party on a yacht or on a boat, you should pay attention to the number of people. On the other hand, the number of people on the boats can be much higher.

Surprise Birthday Organization on Yacht

A yacht docked on the beach and people unaware of what happened. A surprise birthday party that emerges when confetti and volcanoes erupt. Sounds incredible doesn’t it? How would you like to give a surprise birth to your spouse, lover or friend on such a yacht? Moreover, you can find options for every budget, but it is difficult to organize such an impressive birthday! The important thing is to plan well and not to let anything spoil the surprise. What you need to do for a surprise birthday on a yacht for your spouse, lover or friend is to create a birthday request via Teknevia. When creating your request, it is important that you choose the embarkation point you will surprise carefully and write that you will be surprised in the notes section when creating the request. Because boat owners knowing this, they can plan in mind before bidding. Choose an embarkation point where you can naturally bring the person you will surprise, or take a yacht from another embarkation point to the place where you will pick up the birthday person. Clarify this issue with the yacht owner after evaluating the offers and making your reservation. Now you are ready for a surprise birthday party on an unforgettable yacht.

Extra Services at the Birthday Event on the Boat

Birthday cake

You can bring the birthday cake yourself or supply it from the company for your birthday organization on the boat or on the yacht. If you are going to bring the birthday cake yourself, it will be beneficial for you to specify it in the notes section when opening the request. If you are going to supply from the boat, mark the birthday cake and specify what kind of cake you want in the notes when opening your request.

Other Food and Beverage Options

If you want my birthday party on the boat not to be without food, you can plan your organization with or without dinner or cocktails. You can choose alcoholic beverages in all 3 options, bring your own or choose only non-alcoholic beverages. When you choose alcohol, you can include many local and foreign drinks in your reservation. If you want to bring your own alcohol, don’t forget to tick I want to bring alcohol from outside. In your birthday organization with dinner, it will be beneficial to make a reservation for at least 2 hours. Otherwise, you may not have time to have fun by rushing.

Dj and Music System

A good birthday party on the boat wouldn’t be without music. If you want to have a professional person who is only interested in music in your organization, getting DJ extra service is just for you. If you think it will play the music I want, don’t worry. You can give your DJ a playlist and have your guests play the songs they want during the party. Don’t forget, everything is for you in your birthday organization on the boat. After choosing the DJ option in your request, when evaluating the price offers, do not forget to pay attention to whether the boat you will book has a music system in the possibilities section. Otherwise, you may experience problems in your organization. Wishing you a birthday party on a perfect boat…

Why should you organize your birthday on the boat through Teknevia?

When you create a request for your birthday organization on the boat through Teknevia, you can get a free quote from dozens of boat owners by specifying the entire content of your organization, unlike any other site. All companies that Teknevia works with are insured and have official documents. In addition, you can get free event consultancy from our event consultants before the event. You can compare price offers by examining both the visuals, possibilities and safety equipment of the boats, read previous customer reviews and reserve the boat you want by making a prepayment 24/7 online. Since Teknevia works with tender method, you can organize your birthday on board with Teknevia at the most affordable price.