What fees do I have to pay directly to the boat owner?

First of all, we should state that Teknevia is not responsible for payments made outside the Platform. However, you have to pay some fees to the boat owner.

  1. If you want to tip the captain or crew

  2. If you have made different requests than the agreed reservation details

  3. If there is an extra cleaning fee in alcoholic boat parties

  4. Amount remaining after prepayment

  5. If you have the crew take supplies

  6. Fuel fee in rentals excluding fuel

  7. If you landed at extra ports, you can pay the mooring fees.

  8. Extra water sports activities

  9. Deposit for captainless charters

  10. If it is not included in the ad, the transitlog fee, if any.

  11. The fee for any service you request that is not included in the list price.

  12. You have to pay directly to the boat owner.