TEKNEVIA ETK Approval Text

No. 6563 for the purpose of sending you commercial electronic messages. Law on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce and dated 15 July 2015 With the Regulation on Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages, January 04 About Commercial Communication and Commercial Electronic Messages Dated 2020 Service within the scope of the Regulation on Amendments to the Regulation Commercial electronic messages are processed by TEKNEVİA as a provider. Communication based on your consent to be sent to you Your data (mobile phone number, e-mail address) is processed by you for commercial This will continue until you exercise your right to refuse sending electronic messages. will. Your consent for sending commercial electronic messages is 6698 1 of the 5th article of the Personal Data Protection Law no. (“KVKK”) within the scope of this paragraph, at any time and without any restrictions. It is considered as your explicit consent, which you can withdraw without any consent. This In addition to your contact information, information to authorized persons, institutions and organizations In order to be given, it is stated in subparagraph (a) of the 2nd paragraph of Article 5 of the Law. Message Management based on the legal reason "explicitly foreseen in the law" It will be transferred to your system.

CLARIFICATION TEXT prepared by TEKNEVİA within the scope of KVKK I have read and understood the entire information above and how it processes my data and when I request my explicit consent, clearly and in detail about what I can take back without any restrictions I gained knowledge as.

GSM access to the communication preferences I have given to TEKNEVİA with my own consent. Phone call via text message to me via my number commercial electronic messages and sending e-mails to my e-mail address. I expressly give my consent in the form of consent.

If you approve the ETK Approval Text for commercial electronic messages, the system Your records will be opened on it and will be recorded with time stamp. Your relevant personal data is not processed by you in any way. It is not possible to process it without transmission.