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A romantic moment under the lights of the Bosphorus

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Romantic Dinner on Yacht Boats

Romantic Dinner on the Boat

Romantic dinner organization on the boat is a service for lovers in Istanbul, the land of lovers. your throat A romantic dinner alone with your partner or lover in the middle of the lights The organization sounds good, right? Especially if there are foods you love and you two If the song is playing, it’s inedible. Organizing dinner on the boat will add excitement to your relationship and It will be an unforgettable memory. Moreover, a romantic dinner at the Bosphorus in Istanbul organizations There are options for every budget. As this is the case, thousands of couples every year both on February 14th. He has this experience on Valentine’s Days as well as on other available evenings. Of course past to the years When we look at it, various organizations held in the Bosphorus are increasing and becoming popular.

Why Romantic Dinner on the Boat?

The number of romantic dinner concept organizations on the boat is increasing year by year. As demand increases, the number of satisfied people also increases. There are some impressive reasons why people turn to romantic dinners on the boat. Realizing these reasons makes it clear why people are more interested in this type of organization.

Romantic Dinner Menu

Romantic dinner menus on the boat are quite diverse. In addition to the food variety, the boat and yacht companies in the Bosphorus stand out with their food quality. You can create your meal menu completely according to your wishes through Teknevia. You will not encounter surprises when you go to the boat by creating your dinner menu before your romantic dinner organization on the boat. For example, you can choose hot starters as a starter and side product, and you can choose a nice mixed grill plate as a main course. In Istanbul, which is also rich in fish varieties, you can choose any of the seasonal fish as grilled for your main course. With fish, a nice and soft-tasting rosé wine, for example, sounds good, doesn’t it? As a beverage, you can choose alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. You can also bring alcohol from outside for your romantic dinner organization on the boat. If you intend to bring alcohol from outside, be sure to tick the “I want to bring alcohol from outside” option.

Istanbul Romantic Dinner

Istanbul is one of the cities that shaped the history of the world, as it has a historical structure that defies centuries and is one of the cultural capitals of humanity. There are dozens of companies in Istanbul where you can have a romantic dinner on the boat. The aim of all of these companies is to give you the best experience on the Bosphorus, whether you come from the city or outside the city.

How Much Are the Prices of Dinner on the Boat?

The question ‘How much are the prices for a romantic dinner on the boat?’ is a curious question for those who are planning a romantic dinner on the boat. It is not possible to give a single answer to this question. You can be sure that you can find romantic dinner prices for two for every budget in Istanbul. To talk about the average prices, although it varies from company to company, it can vary between 800 TL and 2000 TL when we consider a meal organization of at least 2 hours. As you can imagine, quality is an important factor in changing prices. However, there are some other factors that affect prices. To list the main factors that affect the prices of the romantic dinner organization on the boat:

  • Embarkation/departure point of your choice
  • Food and beverage menus of your choice
  • How many hours of organization are you planning?
  • The quality level of the boat you will choose

Extra Services You Can Choose For Your Romantic Dinner On The Boat Organization

Table Decoration

Of course, the indispensable part of a romantic dinner is table decoration decoration. A table decorated completely for you and your lover with the view of Istanbul on every side of you on a luxury boat. You are sure to feel special at the end of this dreamy night. You will immortalize this moment for years with the photos you will take. When you show it to your children in the future, you will remember these days with a sweet smile. At least once a year, do not see a romantic dinner on the boat too much for your relationship.

Food and Beverage Options

Are you one of those who say that the quality of food is very important for a good day? Those who plan a romantic dinner on the boat in Istanbul are lucky in terms of food/beverage menus. Istanbul yachts and boat companies stand out with their success, both in terms of the quality of the food on the boats and the variety of the menu. You can create your own menu for your romantic dinner organization on the boat by clicking on “I want to choose food and drink” on Teknevia. As for beverages, you can choose alcoholic beverages, bring your own alcohol from outside, or choose non-alcoholic beverages.


Did you know that you can add the violinist option for your romantic dinner on the boat? Yes, you heard it right, you can choose a violinist for your romantic dinner with your spouse or lover. When you choose this service, an artist who is an expert in his field will come to your event and play romantic songs just for you. Moreover, you can make your own pieces and enjoy your meal accompanied by a violin recital.

Why should you organize your Romantic Dinner on the Boat through Teknevia?

Teknevia is a yacht and boat rental marketplace. You can easily plan your romantic dinner organization online via Teknevia. Rent directly from boat owners thanks to Teknevia without paying high commissions to intermediaries. If you are thinking about what to do, you can get free event consultancy from our event consultants by entering the site. Determine all the content of the romantic dinner organization on the boat as you want and create a request like no other site. Evaluate the offers from the “my open requests” section in the user panel, which is completely designed for you. Examine and compare the images of the boats, evaluate the previous user comments about the company. Reserve the boat you have decided by making your online prepayment. Now you are ready for an unforgettable dinner on the boat! Pay the remaining amount when you go to the boat. After the event, you can evaluate the service you received through Teknevia. Don’t forget, Teknevia works with companies that have official documents, professional in their field and their boats are insured. Since Teknevia works by tender, you can organize your romantic dinner on board with Teknevia at the most affordable price.