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Celebrate your child's circumcision on the boat

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MealsYou can only choose one kind of menu. The menu you choose will be prepared as much as the number of people.
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Sunnah Wedding Organization

Sunnah weddings organized for boys after circumcision are celebrated with fun and enthusiasm. Combining our long-standing traditions with a modern celebration organization, Teknevia undertakes your circumcision weddings together with yacht and boat rentals.

Do you want to have a stylish circumcision wedding where every frame of the organization is photographed and professional service is provided? Teknevia’s special offers are just for you to celebrate an unusual and unforgettable circumcision wedding.

You can host your large groups of guests and hold your celebrations against the view of Istanbul with the boats and yachts reserved for you during the hours you want. You can customize your events by choosing the type of organization with or without meals.

If you are looking for a rental company for a circumcision wedding in the Bosphorus, Teknevia will be the most suitable alternative for you. Responding to all the demands of its customers, Teknevia uses all its possibilities for an event that your family can enjoy to the fullest.

Together with your family elders, close friends and your son’s friends, you can capture very good memories with the photos and videos taken at the circumcision wedding. Haven’t you reviewed the idea of ​​renting a yacht and boat in the circumcision wedding organizations that you can hold at extremely affordable prices?

What is done at the sunnah wedding on the boat?

The circumcision wedding is a fun celebration that lasts for hours with a beautiful entrance. Games are organized and gifts are given for the circumcised child. Sunnah wedding is an organization that both adults and children will enjoy.

Boats that are decorated with decorations suitable for the concept are both rented at an affordable price and a more entertaining atmosphere is provided. You can apply to Teknevia for circumcision weddings where you can host your guests in the best way possible by chartering a boat.

Apart from the services offered by Teknevia, your requests for additional services are also carefully met. We are in the first place among the most preferred rental companies with our quality service understanding that helps you to have a circumcision wedding like your dreams.

Sunnah Organization on the Boat

Especially in the spring and summer periods, yachts and boats are very popular for the circumcision wedding event. Boat and yacht rentals provide an environment where children can spend most of their time comfortably in a spacious and open ambiance.

Yachts and boats that you can rent through Teknevia provide a more attractive event space than the celebration venues on land. We guarantee that you and your guests who attend the circumcision ceremony will have a pleasant time on the yachts or boats you rent.

You can get many different services for the circumcision ceremony on the boat, such as table decoration, musical performance, and a welcome ceremony with a volcano. By making your reservations quickly from the Teknevia mobile application or website, you can get the day you want immediately.

Suggestions for those who are considering how to plan a sunnah wedding

Blue and white themes are mainly used in circumcision wedding organizations. In circumcision weddings, which are mostly held with dinner on boats and yachts, decorations such as thrones and balloon decorations are also applied according to demand. The primary factor that should be determined in the planning of the circumcision wedding is the number of guests and the time interval of the wedding event.

Circumcision weddings can be done during the day as well as in the evening. It is possible to carry out the wedding event from 2 hours to 12 hours in the circumcision wedding organizations that you will rent with Teknevia. Your happiness is at the forefront in circumcision weddings, as in all events that you can rent through Teknevia with a price range suitable for every budget.

In order to crown this special day and leave a good memory for your son, you can organize a much better event by opening to the Bosphorus, rather than cafe and restaurant events. Are you wondering about the equipment of the yachts and boats you will rent at the circumcision wedding? Then you can get in touch with the yacht and boat owners and clear all your questions.

Yacht Charter for Circumcision

The yachts, which provide a space where the circumcised child and his friends can have fun freely, will be reserved only for you and the organization will be organized with the services you choose. There are some event preferences that you should determine as a priority for the circumcision wedding. Among these preferences, the date of the organization, the number of guests and the duration of the organization are the most important choices.

For the organization of your child’s circumcision wedding, you can make a celebration with your families and loved ones, where you choose the departure and landing places according to your preference. You can contact us 24/7 to get information about Teknevia yacht charters, which provide flawless service with a quality service approach.

Among the services you can choose for a circumcision wedding are the following;

  • Food and beverage service with 4 different menu alternatives,
  • Unlimited soft drinks,
  • table decoration,
  • Boat and yacht decoration,
  • Photo and video shooting,
  • private dj,
  • Volcano welcome ceremony.

You can send your additional decoration requests while creating the organization, and you can organize a circumcision wedding in accordance with your plans.

The idea of chartering a yacht for circumcision allows you to have a much more prestigious celebration than ordinary circumcision weddings. With a fully-equipped organization, a stylish ambiance and additional services where your every request is met, with Teknevia’s intermediary charter platform, we can carry out the boat or yacht charter in a practical way according to the number of guests.

Circumcision Wedding Organization with Dinner

Circumcision weddings are usually held with a meal. A very satisfying circumcision wedding meal is prepared for you with main and side dishes, appetizers, salad and fruit.

How is circumcision done? We are waiting for those who are wondering, to apply to Teknevia’s brokerless yacht and boat rental platform, which brings together the most preferred services and rental services. Istanbul offers many different alternatives for circumcision organizations and events, just like all other events. By sailing to the Bosphorus, you can easily celebrate both with the sea and with the view of Istanbul.

Boat organizations are also one of the most ideal places for crowded circumcision weddings. As Teknevia, we are pleased to support you in circumcision wedding events, as in all your special days. With Teknevia, a reliable rental platform, countless different activities are held both in winter and summer periods. We would be happy to see you among our many satisfied customers.

Yacht charter and boat rental operations, which are also economically profitable, provide a much more luxurious entertainment environment. For various organizations such as circumcision wedding organizations, the equipments of both yachts and boats are arranged in accordance with the event. In this way, you can implement your plans for a circumcision wedding on the boat or a circumcision wedding on the yacht, without needing to bring anything from outside.

Teknevia Circumcision Wedding Prices on the Boat

The prices for the circumcision wedding you will do on the boat vary between 2900 TL and 12.900 TL on average. We would like to inform you that circumcision weddings with dinner and circumcision weddings without food are at different prices and the prices may change with additional services.

Having a wide range of rental prices makes Teknevia preferable for all small and large organizations. You can easily rent a boat or yacht at the prices you think for your son’s circumcision wedding.

You can determine the prices at the circumcision wedding directly by contacting the boat and yacht owners. We are always with you for your special days with our intermediary rental service, which is our biggest difference from other rental companies.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy intermediary service with Teknevia, the pioneer of yacht and boat rentals? Then, by choosing ‘Circumcision’ from Teknevia, you can examine the services you can get and start making a reservation quickly.