How can I get more reservations? How can I make my boat more visible?

First of all, we must say that Instant Bookable boats are attracting more attention and are being booked more. The reason for this is the guests' desire to make reservations without waiting and Teknevia's marketing algorithm makes more digital advertising of your boat. When you turn on the instant booking feature, your boat will go higher. Here are our recommendations for a better boat detail page and to get more bookings:

  1. Use your boat's calendar feature and open the reservation instantly.

  2. Activate the calendar by entering the "Calendar" section in your panel and open the reservation instantly. All your prices must be entered in order for your instant booking feature to work. If you have not entered your prices, enter all your prices in the "Prices" section of your panel.

  3. When you turn on the instant reservation feature, do not forget to update all the reservations you receive from outside the platform in your Teknevia calendar, as customers can rent your boat directly. Availability information on the calendar is your sole responsibility.

  4. Add the most beautiful pictures of your boat at sea and in the port. The descriptive and beautiful pictures directly affect the booking process. Especially your first image is very important. Because when customers list boats, they first see the first image of your boat and then they want to explore your boat.

  5. Enter your prices reasonably. Prices entered above the market will reduce your reservations.

  6. Enter descriptive text about both your profile and your boat. In this way, guests will know more about you before they send you a message.

  7. Please make your guests happy in your reservations and ask them to leave comments and reviews. The comments you have received for your next reservations are your biggest references.

  8. Respond to guests' messages and requests as quickly as possible. Your speed will seriously increase your customer satisfaction.