How does the without captain boat rental process work?

First of all, we must say that the most important issue in charters without a captain is to determine the captain's competence of the guest. At this point, Teknevia cannot control the authority and information of the guest. In addition, Article 34 of the Marine Tourism Regulation, published in the Official Gazette dated 24/07/2009 and numbered 27298, states:

"ARTICLE 34 - (1) At least one of the chartered yachtsmen must have a sufficient license in order for yachts with Turkish and foreign flags, whose number of yachts not exceeding twelve, can be rented without a crew, within the scope of marine tourism vehicles management."

In this context, in order to be able to rent your boat without a captain, you should choose the option to rent without a captain when adding your boat. When you select this option, you will be prompted for deposit information. In case your boat may be damaged by the guest's captain, you must collect your deposit from the guest before boarding the boat. Refund the deposit if there is no problem when you check for damage when returning the boat.

!!We would like to remind you again about chartering without a captain, that you should check the guest's captaincy information and license.