We had a dispute with the Boat Owner, what should I do?

Disputes between guests and boat owners can be about many issues.

For example; Extra services, condition of the boat or other booking conditions.

First of all, we always recommend communication between the two parties. Since the boat owners in Teknevia are professional boat owners, they will make every preparation to please you.

Retain materials such as e-mail regarding the details of your reservation in case of disputes.

Since Teknevia is a platform that brings guests and boat owners together, it recommends applying to the competent authorities for mediation, especially in cases where there is no evidence. For example; It's like Airbnb.

If the dispute arises about the terms of use, the party that does not comply with the terms of use on the boat detail page of the booked boat is unfair. At this point, the Teknevia team will do whatever it takes to resolve the conflict.

If the dispute is about the amount of repair, such as damage to the boat, the competent courts should be consulted. This is because legal experts are required to inspect the boat. Legal experts will offer the most just solution as the issue is forwarded to the competent courts.

Guests and boat owners understand and accept that Teknevia does not have to arbitrate or mediate in a possible dispute.