What is the difference between chartering with and without a captain?

In charters with a captain, the boat's own captain uses the boat and you do not need to have a license. Verify if there are extra captain fees for daily and weekly overnight charters.

There is no crew on the boat in charterless charters. You are the captain of the boat and all responsibility is yours. However, for this you need to have a boat license and experience. In addition, a deposit is required for charters without a captain. If you do not confirm the information about your sailing license to the boat owner, the boat owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation under any circumstances and conditions.

You can see if there is a captainless charter in the ad details.

Our recommendation;

If you are considering a charter without a captain. Verify your boat license experience. And make sure you have used such a boat with accommodation before. Because in charter without a captain, all responsibility is yours.