What advantages does Teknevia provide?

Thanks to Teknevia, you can rent directly from boat owners from all over Turkey by reading all prices, extras and previous user reviews.

Convenience of online boat rental

Our main goal at Teknevia is to provide the online boat rental experience to all industry stakeholders and users. In this way, we save you from hours of effort and research processes, and share the most refined information in a transparent and transparent way. Thanks to online boat rental, we eliminate the problem of inconsistency!

The only yacht charter platform where you can book instantly

Until now, humanity rented a hotel instantly, rented a house instantly, rented a car instantly, but could not rent a yacht instantly. With Teknevia, you can now rent boats and yachts instantly. So how? We solve the availability problem in the sector with our innovative and fully specialized technological infrastructure for the yacht tourism sector.

Ease of payment and reservation at Teknevia

At Teknevia, we make the boat rental process much more enjoyable by providing fast and secure online payment. You can also complete your reservation by making a prepayment without paying the full amount. Make your online prepayment with one click and sit back making sure your boat is prepared for you.

Rent on a boat basis or on an organizational basis!

Thinking of organizing an organization on board or on a yacht with Teknevia? You can rent boats that support the type of organization you want to do, on the basis of your organization. We seem to hear you think that I won't have any trouble planning my organization online. We enable you to organize a boat at any location with our technological infrastructure fully specialized for marine tourism. In our opinion, the bad organization is the one with the consensus problem. You can specify all the details of your requests in your boat organization. And to all parties, our technology makes all the details clear. At this point, you know that you can get your money back even if you run into any problems. In boat rental, you can rent the boat you want 24/7 by examining all the detailed information about it.